Mercedes Sosa wiki, biography, husband, family, career, death -

Mercedes Sosa wiki, biography, husband, family, career, death

Haydée Mercedes Sosa (Spanish pronunciation: [meɾˈseðes ˈsosa], also known as La Negra, was an Argentine singer who was well-known in Latin America and in a number of other countries. Sosa became one of the most prominent exponents of La Nueva canción, with her origins in Argentine folk music. She gave voice to many Latin American songwriters’ songs. People referred to her as the “voice of the voiceless” because of her songs. Who is her husband? What is her profession? Who are her parents? To know such a question comes down to Mercedes Sosa wiki.

Mercedes Sosa wiki, childhood, Biografia

According to Mercedes Sosa wiki, Sosa was born on July 9, 1935, in San Miguel de Tucumán, in the Tucumán province of northwest Argentina, to mestizo parents. She had Diaguita, French, and Spanish ancestors. Her parents were Peronists, despite the fact that they never joined the party, and she began her career as a Peronist Party singer in Provincia Tucuman under the name Gladys Osorio. Her father name is  Ernesto “Tucho”  Quiterio Sosa and her mother name is Ema del Carmen Girón.

Mercedes Sosa wiki
Mercedes Sosa as argentine singer Source: Instagram

Her father worked as a laundress for more wealthy families, while her mother worked in the sugar industry at the Guzmán sugar factory. Her parents had decided on the name Marta Mercedes, but her father changed it to Haydeé Mercedes in the civil registry. Despite this, her mother, family, and close friends never referred to her by her legal name, instead referring to her as Marta.

Mercedes was 12 years old when she first performed in front of the public, singing the Argentine national anthem at school. She memorized the songs she heard on the radio from a friend. Mercedes’ trainer, Josefina Pesce de Medici, recognized in her qualities for opera. Mercedes’ fate, however, would be different: “Fortunately, I became a famous singer,” she said.

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Marriage and children: With whom she married? Who is Mercedes Sosa’s spouse?

According to Mercedes Sosa wiki, She’s a married lady. In 1957, Sosa was married to a musician, Manuel Óscar Matus, for eight years, and later lived with Pocho Mazzitelli, who was also her manager, until his death in 1978. Matus and Mercedes formed an artistic collaboration with poet and broadcaster Armando Tejada Gómez that would be significant both artistically and culturally. Mendoza, along with Tucumán and Buenos Aires, is one of Mercedes Sosa’s three favorite cities. Her son was born and educated in the arts there. Fabian Matus, their son, was born to them as a couple.

Mercedes Sosa husband
Mercedes Sosa with her husband together Source: Instagram

How did her career build? What was the reason that she succeeded in her life? Why did the police Detent and exile her?

Her Peronist parents took her to Buenos Aires to celebrate October 17 when she was 14 years old. Mercedes was entrusted to her older brothers’ protection. With a sense of liberation she had never felt before, she went to LV12 radio with her classmates to compete in a contest for unknown artists, which she won. So that her father wouldn’t remember her, she introduced herself as Gladys Osorio. Gladys was referred to as one of her closest friends, and the girl in charge of her school was known as Osorio. She continued to sing on the radio until her father heard her.

After a month, Don Sosa decided to let Mercedes sign her first contract after repeated requests from the radio director.

Mercedes, 16, sang in the Peronist Party peas, encouraged by her parents. Years later, she became a member of the Communist Party.

They remember how important the repertoire collection was for Mercedes at the Mercedes Sosa Foundation, which Matus oversees, since “what is registered is for life,” as she prayed.

Being detained in the official custody

Mercedes Sosa gave her final recital before going into exile on October 20, 1978, at “El Almacén San José” in La Plata. They detained her in the middle of a recital with her son and his musician, Colacho Brizuela, for performing “protest songs,” which were banned at the time by the oppressive apparatus.

Mercedes went into exile in Europe after police officers insulted her for 18 hours with insults about her skin color and political affiliation. In 1982, he returned to perform at the “Opera” theatre.

Mercedes went on to have a successful career in which she collaborated on albums and performed on stages with some of the world’s most popular musicians. Always eager to collaborate with new artists, she collaborated on two of her most recent studio albums, “Cantora” 1 and 2, with Shakira, Luis Alberto Spinetta, René Perez, Caetano Veloso, and Joan Manuel Serrat, among others.

What would be her net worth before her death?

On the internet, there is no information about her net worth. If we look at her career, we can see that she is a far more complex personality from Argentina. Her net worth is more than $100 million, according to her career.

What was the cause of death of her? What was the dieses she suffered from?

The 74-year-old Sosa was hospitalized in Buenos Aires on September 18, 2009, after suffering from chronic endocrine and respiratory issues in later years. On October 4, 2009, at 5:15 a.m., she died of multiple organ failure. Her first marriage produced one son, Fabián Matus, who survives her. He said, ” “She made the most of her 74 years. She had accomplished almost everything she had set out to do, and she was free of any barriers or fears that had previously held her back “.. The hospital expressed its condolences to her family. “Her undisputed talent, her integrity, and her deep convictions leave a great legacy to future generations,” her website said.

Mercedes Sosa Died on October 4, 2009 Source: Lincon Journal Star

Age, death, height, weight| When and how Mercedes Sosa leave the earth?

According to Mercedes Sosa wiki, Mercedes Sosa date of birth is 9 july 1935. And she died at the age of 74 years old on 4 october 2009. Her height and weight is not available at the site right now. It seems that she would be hot and fantist looking women. Her height must be 1.72 metres at her time and weight is about 145 pounds.

Quick facts about Mercedes Sosa

Full Real Name
Haydée Mercedes Sosa  [meɾˈseðes ˈsosa]
BirthdayJuly 9, 1935
deathOctober 4, 2009
Place of BirthSan Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina
ProfessionSinger, Film Score Composer
Net worth$100 million
SpouseManuel Óscar Matus
Zodiac SignCancer
ParentsEma Del Carmen Giron, Ernesto Quiterio Sosa
Height1.72 m
Weight142 lbs.


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