Where is Dave Portnoy’s ex-wife Renee Portnoy nowadays?

Where is Dave Portnoy’s ex-wife Renee Portnoy nowadays?

Dave Portnoy is an American businessman and social media personality. He is the founder and owner of sports and popular culture company Barstool Sports. Portnoy is known for his outspoken and often controversial personality, as well as his unfiltered content. The most recent information about Dave Portnoy is that he now owns Barstool Sports again after purchasing it for one dollar from Penn National Gaming. There were those who anticipated Portnoy to remain with Penn, so this action came as a surprise. Scroll down to know more details about Dave Portnoy’s ex-wife.

Who is Dave Portnoy’s ex-wife Renee Portnoy? When did they get married? divorce

Dave Portnoy’s ex-wife: Dave Portnoy is currently in a relationship with professional model Silvana Mojica. Silvana Mojica is a professional model and marketer best known as Dave Portnoy’s girlfriend.

Dave Portnoy’s ex-wife Renee Portnoy
Dave Portnoy’s ex-wife Renee Portnoy

Dave Portnoy was previously married to Renee Portnoy.  In 2009, Dave tied his  knot with his ex-wife Renee. Although it is unknown how long they were together prior to getting married, the pair were engaged in 2008, exchanged vows the following year in 2009, and remained wed until 2017.The couple had a romantic relationship together for 8 years.

The specific reasons for Renee Portnoy and Dave Portnoy’s divorce have never been made known in the public. It has been mentioned in the media that there are a few other explanations as well. Perhaps a significant contributing element was Dave’s divorce. Dave reportedly had a relationship with Jordyn Hamilton in 2016, according to rumors. Following Renee’s claimed confrontation with Dave regarding the affair, the pair reportedly split up.

Who is Dave Portnoy’s ex-wife Renee Portnoy? Where is she nowadays? 

Renee Satterthwaite is an American-born equestrian and now a social media personality. She is also an ex-wife of Dave Portnoy, an American internet celebrity, blogger, and founder of Barstool Sports sports and pop culture blog. Currently, Renee Portnoy is working as a director of merchandising at Smart Park Equine. Renee Satterthwaite, a smart businesswoman, and the experienced equine consultant were born in 1987 in Abington, Massachusetts, in the United States of America. She is 36 years old.

Dave Portnoy’s ex-wife Renee Portnoy with her pet
Dave Portnoy’s ex-wife Renee Portnoy with her pet sources Instagram

As for her education, the American-born went to her local high school in Abington and graduated in 2001. After that, she enrolled at Boston University and acquired a BS degree in international relations and business.

Renee graduated from college with a business degree and started working right away. She began working at SmartPark in 2010 after joining the company. The business was founded in 1999 to support equestrians and horse owners and offers equine nutrients, riders’ clothing, equipment, and other essentials for horse owners. Renee began her career as a senior buyer and worked her way up to director of merchandising.

What did Dave Portnoy’s ex-wife Renee Portnoy say in an interview after divorce?

Since divorcing Dave Portnoy in 2017, Renee Portnoy has given just one public interview. She discussed her challenges and the experience of being married to a well-known person in the interview, which YourTango published in 2020.

Renee said that she was initially attracted to Dave’s “confidence and charisma.” However, she soon realized that he was also “very self-centered and controlling.” She said that he would often put his own needs and desires ahead of hers, and that he could be verbally abusive.

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Renee also spoke about the difficulty of living with Dave’s fame. She said that it was “exhausting” to constantly be in the public eye, and that she felt like she had to “walk on eggshells” around him. She said that she was often afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing, and that she felt like she was constantly being judged.

Despite the challenges of her marriage, Renee said that she has no regrets. She said that she learned a lot about herself during that time, and that she is now a stronger and more independent person. She also said that she is grateful for the support of her family and friends.

When did Portnoy start Barstool Sports?

Dave Portnoy started Barstool Sports in December 2003 as a four-page sports newspaper in Boston. The paper was distributed for free at transit stops and street corners. In 2007, Barstool expanded to a blog, and Portnoy gradually cultivated his persona as “El Presidente”, a blunt and candid character. His writing was well-received among young men, and the publication subsequently became a mainstay of bro culture.

Barstool Sports has since grown into a multi-platform media empire, with a popular website, social media presence, and podcast network. The company has also branched out into other businesses, such as sports betting and merchandise.

Portnoy remains the CEO and face of Barstool Sports. He is known for his outspoken and often controversial personality, but he is also a successful businessman and a popular figure among many.


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