Who is Icelandic goalkeeper Björgvin Páll Gústavsson wife? Biography, Net worth

Who is Icelandic goalkeeper Björgvin Páll Gústavsson wife? Biography, Net worth

Björgvin Páll Gústavsson is an Icelandic handball goalkeeper for Bergischer. He represented Iceland in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing as a goalkeeper for the Icelandic national handball team. Besides his successful professional life, he is highly fortunate in his personal life also. He is happily married to Karen and father of four children. We’re sure you’re eager to learn about her personal life, right? So, today, we’ll bring you all of the information on him, Björgvin Páll Gústavsson wife, family, biography, net worth, height, career, and so on:

Where is Björgvin Pall Gústavsson wife Karen from? Age, Parents, Ethnicity, Instagram

Björgvin Pall Gústavsson wife
Björgvin Pall Gústavsson with wife Karen and children Source: Instagram

Apart from his successful professional career, he is also highly fortunate in his personal life. The  Icelandic goalkeeper happily married Karen and is the father of four children. Björgvin Pall Gustavsson wife Karen is a Icelandic beauty. She was born on, and currently, she is a beautiful 34-year-old lady. March 30, 1988. On her 32nd birthday, Björgvin posted a photo of his wife wishing her 32nd birthday with the caption:

Þessi fallega stelpa, sem vill ekki meina að hún sè orðin kona, er 32 ára í dag. Hún er besta eiginkona og mamma sem hægt er að hugsa sèr! ❤️ Hún er límið okkar allra og gerir það að verkum að allir bæði sofna og vakna með bros á vör! 🥰 Til hamingju með daginn ástin mín! 😘 Elska þig!

(Translated: This beautiful girl, who doesn’t want to say that she has become a woman, is 32 years old today. She’s the best wife and mom anyone could ask for! ❤️ She’s the glue to all of us and makes it work that everyone both fall asleep and wake up with a smile! 🥰 Happy birthday my love! 😘 Love you baby!)

Her Instagram handle is kareneinars1, and she has 586 followers. But she has kept her Instagram account private. 

How long Gustavsson and Karen are together? Wedding & Children

The couple married on JULY 3, 2011, after dating for several years. On their big day, Björgvin Pall Gustavsson wife Karen wore a modern white gown with white high heels and managed to keep a bouquet of white roses in her hand on their wedding day. Gustavsson, her groom, was dressed in a white shirt and black suit and pinned a white flower in his pocket. On their 10th wedding anniversary, he posted a photo with his wife with the caption:

Married to this chick for ten years today. 💍 She is everything I am not. Without her I would be nothing. Everything is more fun with her! ❤️

The couple is the parents of four children. In August 2013, their first child (a daughter) was born after two years of marriage. The couple’s twins (a boy and a girl) were born in November 2017. Eva Björgvinsdóttir, their youngest child (daughter), was born on January 1, 2021.

The pair has been married for eleven years, and their love has not changed. The couple has endured every setback and storm that life has thrown at them, yet their love has remained strong and loving. He also appears trustworthy and devoted, with no extramarital affairs, scandal, or controversy in his personal life. 

Where is Gustavsson from? How old is he? Nationality

The Icelandic star was born on 24 May 1985 in Hvammstangi, Iceland. Currently, he is a 37 years old handsome man. He celebrates his birthday on 24th May every year. He holds Icelandic nationality.

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Who are the handsome athlete’s parents and family? Father, Siblings & Ethnicity

Gústavsson is the son of loving parents who has always supported him. When he was two years old, his father, Gústav Jakob Daníelsson, and his mother divorced, and he moved to Kópavogin with his mother. Gustav was raised in the north, and his father and mother had little contact in his early years. Later, it grew into something more, and they now have an excellent relationship.

Axel Birgir and Margeir Felix are his two brothers, and Berglind Sif and Helga Lind are his sisters. Björgvin describes his relationship with Berglind as “special,” He frequently mentions how she inspired him.

Where did he go for his education? School, College

Gústavsson is a Icelandic handball legend. Björgvin started showing interest in sports interest at the age of nine. As Björgvin began playing football at a young age, he dropped out of high school because he was too preoccupied with handball practice. Björgvin and his friend Steinþór Þorsteinsson began playing handball with HK, a Kópavogur team, but transferred to Vkingur after two years; they returned to HK after two years with Víkingur.

How much are Icelandic star Björgvin Pall Gústavsson net worth and earnings?

At a very early age, he started his career, so it is pretty apparent his earnings are outstanding. Gústavsson has acquired great fame and fortune as a handball player due to his talent and hard work. The 37-year-old handball star has also amassed a substantial income, including game prize money and several endorsements and partnerships. He currently plays for Bergischer and the Icelandic national team. Björgvin Pall Gústavsson net worth is more than $5 Million. 

He represented Iceland in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing as a goalkeeper for the Icelandic national handball team. He was an important goalkeeper in the tournament, making 75 saves and helping the team advance to the finals. France defeated Iceland in the final by 28-23, earning Iceland its best-ever result, a silver medal.

How much does his current contract pay him? Salary

Björgvin Pall Gústavsson salary
Bergischer goalkeeper Björgvin Pall Gústavsson Source: Instagram

Gústavsson currently plays for Bergischer. The agreed-upon salary is still unknown. In Iceland, the average NHL salary is around 4000-5000 euros per month. He began his career at Fram Reykjavik. After two seasons, he signed a contract with TV Bittenfeld in Germany in 2007, and the Swiss Kadetten Schaffhausen confirmed him in 2009.

He has been guarding the SC Magdeburg net since 2011. As a national team member, he won a silver medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics and a bronze medal at the 2010 European Championships. In December 2017, the Icelandic player signed a two-year contract with Skjern Haandbold, the top professional team in the country.

How tall is Icelandic handballer Björgvin ? Height, Weight

Björgvin is a 37-year-old attractive man with a good height of 1.93 meters. And he’s about 171 pounds. He has an excellent athletic figure and brown eyes. His hair is also brown.


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