How rich is Tiktok star Maia Knight? Net worth, Baby father, Height & Age

How rich is Tiktok star Maia Knight? Net worth, Baby father, Height & Age

Maia Knight, an American TikTok star, is well-known for her lifestyle videos, revealed that the father of her twins abandoned her after a one-night stand. The social media influencer is famous for creating videos centering around being a single parent and a mom to her twins. She recently announced that she would create content about her own life rather than sharing her children’s lives.  We’re sure you’re eager to learn more about her personal life, right? So, today, we’ll bring you all of the information on her, Maia Knight net worth, baby father, height, age, and so on:

How much is TikToker Maia Knight net worth and earnings?

Maia Knight net worth
Tiktok star Maia Knight with her twins Source: Instagram

How did Maia Knight net worth increase to a million? There’s no doubt that this Tik Toker makes a good living from her profession. Maia Knight net worth is expected to exceed two million dollars. She began with TikTok, where she registered in June 2021. Her Tiktok account, maiaknight, has 8.7 million followers as of this writing. She usually uploads videos that show what it’s like to be a single mother caring for twin daughters. In her videos, she plays with them, does housework, and discusses parenting, lifestyle, and various other topics.

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Knight is also very active on Instagram, frequently posting photos of herself and her twins. She has 2.2 million Instagram followers. Besides, she has built her merch brand, “Goosh Goosh”. Hoodies, t-shirts, bags, and other items can be purchased from her Instagram handles’ bio section. She is also exploring the business sector in this manner. Maia realized she needed to reach out to a larger and larger audience. So she started a YouTube channel and posted her first video, titled “MY FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO! (Pilot and Scott’s birth story),” on January 11, 2022. The same video has also received the most views on her channel thus far.

She has achieved a great deal of celebrity at such a young age. She is expected to have even more success in the coming days.

How old is the social media sensation? Age, Parents & Height

The American TikTok star Maia was born in The United States on January 24, 1996. Currently, she is 26 years old handsome man. She looks private regarding her personal life, as there is no information regarding her parents and family.  Her parents have been featured on her social media accounts. But further information about her parents, such as their names and what they do, remains undisclosed. The TikTok star is the sole child of her parents, as there is no information regarding her siblings. 

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Knight is a young, attractive woman with a charming and dashing personality. She stands at the height of 1.67m and weighs around 125 lbs. Maia Knight does not have a Wikipedia page. On the other hand, there is a wealth of material on the internet concerning her.

Who is Maia Knight husband/partner and her baby father? Is a famous Tiktoker married or dating?  

As Knight has earned such colossal fame and a fan following through her social media account, most of his fans would also want to know about her relationship status. So, for those wanting to know about it, we have assembled some information about his relationship status.
When it comes to her love life, she has been unlucky. According to Cele Browm, she had been with her boyfriend for a long time before becoming pregnant. When her boyfriend requested an abortion, Maia firmly refused, urging her to raise their children and embark on their new journey as parents.

Her boyfriend was unconvinced and dumped her when she was only seven weeks pregnant, telling her not to contact him again. Maia’s TikTok bio implies that she serves as both “mom and dad” to her daughters. In a recent TikTok video, she gave her followers reason to believe that her baby daddy might have shared custody. She stated in it that the twins were “with their father” while she enjoyed some much-needed alone time. She stated,

“The babies are with their dad so I get to stop at Dunkin [Donuts] for breakfast, go grocery shopping without wrangling them, stop at the library to get some new books to read, and then hang out for the rest of the day.”

“I have to keep myself busy or I get sad and lonely,” Maia captioned the video.


I have to keep myself busy or i get sad and lonely

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