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Let’s read about the real life of Arturo, the character from Netflix show ‘Money Heist’.

Today Enrique is known internationally in the popular Netflix show ‘La Casa de Papel,’ the most widely watched non-English speaking fiction in North American television channel history, for his character Arturo Román. He currently lives in Madrid and Los Angeles. His first novel is “The grandeur of nameless things.”

Enrique Arce Temple with Money heist characters
Money Heist famous characters.

Enrique Javier has appeared in some of Spain’s most famous television series over the course of his more than two decades as an actor: journalists, friends, physics or chemistry, Genesis, Love in difficult times or Time between seams, being a face and a common name for the public.

He has acted in fifteen films in Spanish as well as foreign developments of cinema.

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Earlier life of Enrique Arce, Family

Enrique Javier Arce Temple is a Spanish actor from Valencia, Spain, born on 8 October 1972. He upload pictures several time enjoying the time with family which includes Father, Mother and a Sister as shown in the image.

Enrique Javier Arce family
Enrique Javier Arce with family

Having studied law in his hometown, Enrique participated in the contest program “We and We,” becoming the winner. And with the cash prize, he traveled to New York to study at the American Academy of Arts. He returned to Europe to complete his training at England’s National Youth Theater, and Spain’s Juan Carlos Corazza Workshop.

Arce began to work in theatre, participating among others in plays such as La Celestina, Bodas de sangre and El león en invierno. He made his TV debut in the series Petra Delicado (1999) and made his film debut a year later with the feature film El corazón del guerrero(2000). Enrique has traced his career primarily on television, highlighting his participation in series such as Journalists (2000-2001), Genesis, the Murderer’s Mind (2007), Physics or Chemistry (2010-2011), the international Knightfall (2017) and the famous series La casa de papel (2017-2019) as Arturito.

How his life turned after 2000 in film industries?

Enrique Arce wiki
Enrique arce, 25 years old pic. Source: Instagram

As for the cinema, he made his debut in 2000 with Daniel Monzón’s film ‘The Warrior’s Heart.’ He took part in ‘Less is more and point of view’ the same year. Hereafter he was with Joshua Newton in Fidel, Schubert, Manolete, nine months and Iron Cross. The Spaniard has collaborated with director Daniel Luna on short productions such as Gris, Cachito mío and Matando al Gato.

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Enrique has leaned towards television throughout his acting career, there he has gained more recognition and popularity. Most of the series where he has worked have been successful both nationally and internationally. He entered the Petra Delicado series for example, playing Pérez. Then, in the role of Pedro Cabrera in Periodistas, Companions like Javier Quevedo, and finally it was Julián Balaguer in Génesis, in the mind of the killer.

He played the prosecutor Santiago Navarro in the essential series No boobs there is no paradise (2008). Thanks to this series he became very well known in Colombia. In other series he has had leading roles such as: Singles, Tarancón. L’alqueria blanca, the fifth commandment etc. Now his appearance in the telenovela Amar, playing Emilio Alcázar in troubled times, has greatly improved and strengthened the actor’s popularity.

Relationship status… Who is the Enrique Arce wife and son?

The romantic relation of Enrique is complicated for him. Well once he married to the Spanish TV actress Cristina Pena but no information about their wedding and divorce. From the sources, she married with a businessman Livio Lo Monaco and welcomed the baby daughter in 2012.

Few weeks ago, he uploaded the picture of his son Arturo Roman Jr. who is like 3 years of age. But Enrique didn’t out the information about his son’s mother. He is quit secretive person and don’t easily open up about his private life on social media. He never discussed his wedding or engagement neither he came up with his girlfriend or wife in any show.


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