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Jon Briggs is renowned for his voice but very busy and secrecive

Jon Briggs may be best known for being Siri’s original voice on Apple’s UK phones, but before then, he was a well-known and widely recognized voice. He spent 3 years as the main promotional face of BBC 1 and 7 years as the voice of Sky Movies after leaving Channel 4. Let’s talk about Jon Briggs bio.
In 2011, Siri, the assistant for Apple’s iPhone, became the first English-speaking voice in the UK.

How much we know about Jon Briggs?

Jon has presented several high-profile promotional campaigns, including ads for Duracell, The Mirror, The Times, Nokia, Acuvue, and British Airways inflight entertainment.

Jon Briggs as Siri Voice Source: Jon Briggs

Briggs also serves as an announcer of the Awards Ceremony-what is known as the “Voice of God” in the trade. It’s Jon’s voice announcing the finalists and congratulating the winners, from the Millies and the National Business Awards to the Asian Awards, The Railway Children Ball and the Mobile News Awards.

On a whole host of other Sat Navs gadgets for TomTom and Garmin and Jaguar LandRover vehicles for Applications like Waze, you’ll find Jon’s synthesized voice. A whole spectrum of IT devices use it to read text aloud on smartphones and computers. This enables sight-impaired people to access anything from emails and websites just as easily as normal sighted individuals do. If you want to add it to your app or computer, Jon’s voice is normally nicknamed ‘Daniel.’

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Jon as On Stage, On Show, On Screen…

For more than 30 years, Jon has appeared on stage, on screen or on radio.

You may know him best as Siri ‘s Voice or as your Sat Nav, or from programs like The Weakest Link by the BBC.

Or maybe you know him from BBC TV, Radio 1 , 2, 4 and 5, or London’s LBC.

Or you might know him from one of more than 350 live events he’s organized and moderated at the conference.

Career path of Siri guy, Jon Briggs

Since the early 1980s, Jon has been a broadcast journalist for the BBC and ITN. His live on air job brought him from anchoring BBC Radio 5 ‘s Breakfast News show, to reporting on current affairs programs for BBC Radio 4, and chairing LBC ‘s top weekly political debate program in London. His TV work for CNBC, Star, and EuroNews includes company profiles of some of the fastest growing businesses in the world.

Jon Briggs as a speaker . Source: Wall Street Journal

Having hosted over 350 international events for many of the world’s largest businesses, including IBM, Canon, HP, Vodafone, Lloyds of London, BT, Deloitte, Pernod Ricard, Rolls Royce and Ericsson, Jon is a highly experienced conference moderator. His job is in worldwide demand and has carried him to Singapore , Hong Kong, Tokyo, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Las Vegas from Paris, Warsaw, Stockholm and Barcelona. From Bill Clinton, Jack Welch and John Major to Buzz Aldrin, Sir Richard Branson and Alan Greenspan, everyone is grilled on the conference floor.

Jon Briggs is with us as Siri after Susan Bennett

Daniel “for Scansoft, which subsequently merged with Nuance, the business that works with Apple on Siri, was reported by Jon Briggs, a former technology journalist who” fell into “voice-over work.”

“Five or six years ago, I made a series of recordings with Scansoft for text-to – speech services,” Briggs says. Five thousand sentences spread over three weeks, spoken in a very unique way and just flat and even speaking. Then they go away and take all the phonics apart, because I have to be able to read anything you want, even though all those words have never been registered.

In 2007, Briggs recorded his voice for ScanSoft-designed text-to – speech applications, later acquired by Nuance Communications. In 2011, Apple Inc. used Nuance’s tools for its British Male version of Siri, the private assistant program for Apple devices. For these reasons, Briggs’s speech is called ‘Daniel’. The voice is also the default British voice for the iPhone’s Voice-Over, built-in accessibility features.

Earlier picture of Jon Briggs . Source: Jon Briggs – On Air Male

To encourage blind and visually impaired individuals to use a phone independently, this program reads all out on the computer. Once Apple discovered that Jon Briggs’ voice was actually a well-known voice in the UK, it was speculated that “Daniel UK” was dropped as the default Siri British Male voice option. But, as above, he is available as an option in Settings. Since then, the Daniel UK voice has become an internet meme, especially in meme compilations, for the ridiculous things that can be said in the monotone voice.