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Montel Williams relationship with Kamala Harris and his 3 wives

For hosting The Montel Williams Show from 1991 to 2008, the 60-year-old Williams is well known. He is married to Tara Flower at the moment, his wife since 2007.
Williams has four children, two from his first two wives each. They’re Ashleigh Williams, Maressa Williams, Wyntergrace Williams, and Montel Brian Hank Williams. Rochele See and Grace Morley were his first two wives.
Is Montel Williams really the Kamala Harris Ex-boyfriend? Kamala, who just had won the election and made history by being voted in as the first Black, Asian and female Vice President.

As a spokesperson and businessman, Williams is busy. He’s an advocate for the use of medical marijuana and supports attempts around the country to make it legal.

Montel Williams has been married three times.

In July 2006, Williams proposed to her in the presence of family and friends when they were out at a Manhattan restaurant for dinner. A little over a year later in October 2007, in a small ceremony held on a beach in Bermuda, Williams married Tara Flower. The pair didn’t have kids together.

Williams was with two other women before Tara came along, with whom he fathered four children.

The first married life of Williams

His first marriage to Rochele See which lasted from 1982 to 1989, produced two children; Ashley Williams and Maressa Williams, born in 1984 and 1988, respectively. Maressa has won two bouts with cancer successfully. She was diagnosed in 2013 with stage 2 Hodgkin’s lymphoma, aka lymph tissue cancer. The cancer was discovered in an unfortunate fall in October 2013 after she injured her spine and took multiple MRIs to assess the diagnosis. The first time, Maressa battled the ailment successfully, but it reappeared a second time and again, she emerged victoriously.

Her experiences with the disease will motivate her to start a healthcare career. She is a nursing student who now spends much of her time working as a Lymphoma Research Foundation ambassador. She has documented her experience in blog posts, including Dr. Oz.

The other daughter of Wiliams, Ashley, is a talented make-up artist who studied at Makeup Classification.

The Second married for Williams

Grace Morley became Willimas’ second wife. She’s a record maker, according to the New York Daily News. Both of them were married from 1992 to 2000. Initially, she didn’t talk about their breakup, but when she signed a new band for her Lowdown Albums, she came forward in a Daily News interview.

“I’ve kept my mouth shut because I don’t want to hurt my kids, and because our divorce settlement stipulates that I’m not going to talk about him,” she told the Daily News.

Morley called her former husband a hypochondriac, since he is still involved even though he has MS. “I don’t see Richard Pryor or Annette Funicello snowboarding and going to the gym every day This guy snowboards.”She told the Daily News, “I don’t see them going to nightclubs visiting millions of girlfriends.

Williams and Morley got into a nasty custody dispute over their two daughters, Montel and Wyntergrace, in 2010, 10 years after their divorce.

Montel Williams Jr. is an MMA fighter, and Wyntergrace is a young actress from Hollywood.

Dating to the current VP President of USA, Kamala Harris Ex-boyfriend

There is an interesting story about Kamal Harris and Montel Williams on a website called TMZ on 11/13/2020.
The funny thing is more than a year ago on Twitter, Williams dropped this juicy snippet of details when he confirmed a story circulating with Harris about his relationship past. Guess people weren’t paying attention back then to Montel’s tweets, plus she hadn’t been chosen back then as Biden’s running mate.

Montel daughter on left and Kamala Harris on right. Source TMZ

Montel said they “briefly dated” about 20 years ago while they were both single. He also seemed annoyed over the love life stories about the Senator, and wondered if there was some sexism to it.

But there is no official reaction from Kamala Harris on his tweet. It is harder for many people to believe “Kamala Harris Ex-boyfriend was Montel Williams”

For the record … in 2001, Williams was recently divorced from his first wife, and it would be 13 more years before Harris would tie the knot with her husband, Doug Emhoff.


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