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James Steven Ignatius “Jim” Corr net worth is not what we supposed to

James Steven Ignatius “Jim” Corr is an Irish musician, singer, songwriter and DJ but famous as Guitarist. Guitarist and keyboardist for the Irish folk and rock band The Corrs who plays with Andrea, Sharon and Caroline. There is no big thing when a famous person also open their gates for side businesses. Our musician is like something multi talent person. Jim Corr net worth can be estimated in between €10-15 million. Read here how.

Bank loan and property investment

In an attempt by ACC Bank to seek payment of some €778,000 still outstanding from a € 1.4 million judgment received over an unpaid loan advanced to him and others in 2004 to purchase land at Goresbridge, Co Kilkenny, musician Jim Corr faced a court review over his resources.

Mr Corr claimed in court papers that his liabilities far outweigh his assets and that he has outstanding liabilities of some EUR 6.5 million resulting from investments in land. He also said that he was driving a Lexus 2007 with an approximate value of EUR 10,000.

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Mr Corr agreed to a summary judgment in February 2011 concerning the amount of EUR 1,4 million and subsequently sold the lands at issue. ACC eventually agreed to accept some EUR 778,675 of the proceeds from the selling of the property on which the loan had been secured.

In 2006, Jim Corr net worth was €1.19 million

The bank also reported the EUR 1.4 million judgment as a mortgage judgment against the interest of Mr. Corr in property in Co Louth and Kildare and in a flat at The Shrewsbury, Donnybrook Castle, Stillorgan Lane, Donnybrook, Dublin 4.

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It argues that Mr. Corr owns properties outside the jurisdiction, receives revenue from those properties, and receives royalties relating to his musical career as well. His revenue seemed to be around EUR 1.19 million in the year 2006, it said.

The success coin for Corr family,

With the cash pile at their music business climbing to over EUR 310,000, the Corrs have begun to reap the fruits of their 2015 return.

Corr family earning
d of four members, Corr Family

They were one of Ireland’s most successful bands ever and towards the end of 2015, released their first studio album in a decade, White Light.

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The band played a sold out 3Arena gig in January last year to mark their return, and figures from the trade industry publication, Pollstar, show that the box office of the gig amounted to EUR 358,475.

Jim Corr net worth

Now, new accounts filed by Coppice Ltd, the entertainment company of the band, show that in the 12 months to the end of 2015, the cash pile of the company increased from EUR 282,524 to EUR 311,913. The sum owed to the firm by the debtors also rose from EUR 18,757 to EUR 156,481.

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The company’s cumulative income rose slightly during 2015, going from EUR 174,033 to EUR 175,890. The four-member band has sold 40 million albums worldwide, and the company’s directors are Sharon, Andrea, Jim, and Caroline Corr, along with John Hughes, each of whom has a 20% share of the company.

On the shift in benefit and contract number, there are no new updates from authorities. They can earn fresh signing sums on various entertainment businesses per concert or live shows so that we can conclude that Jim Corr’s net worth is between EUR 10-15 million in 2020.

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