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Well renowned Rapper ‘Misharron Jermeisha Allen’ aka Asian Doll is enjoying her lavish life

Misharron Jermeisha Allen is a well-known American rapper with the Asian Da Brat and Asian Doll names. She was the first female singer to sign a contract with Gucci Mane for 1017 Eskimo Records. She is now twenty-three years old. Thanks to her incredible talents, the rapper became popular. Southern hip hop and hip hop are some of the styles that are her specialties. The rapper has ties with prominent recording labels and other known rappers as well. How much Asian Doll net worth is?

In her music career, Asian Doll is always on the verge of going big. At this young age, through music contracts, advertising sales from her YouTube channel, sponsorships, ads and paid promotions, she managed to produce income and earnings. She also owns the shop for Daddol Cosmetics and produces a very good amount from the store. Asian Doll Net Worth is valued at approximately $ 1 million USD as of 2020.

How Asian Da Brat Collected so much fame and earnings?

Asian Doll net worth is $ 1 million approx. She is renowned because of her many album releases and is wealthy now. She owns her own car and seen in expensive clubs and disco bars. On social media, particularly Instagram, where she has 2.1 million followers, the singer is also famous. In it, she shares sexy images of herself. She has also signed deals with well-known labels that will allow her to drive her career forward.

Her professional career officially began when she released her debut album, ‘Kill Bill, Vol. The 1. On December 16, 2015, she then went on to release ‘Rise of Barbie Doll Gang’. She would then release ‘Project Princess Vol.’ the following year. 1 ‘that had begun to build a wide following for her. It was the album called ‘Drippin in Glo’ however, which would be the biggest success of all of them and gave her serious fame. She has been releasing the album ‘Outtaspace’ ever since.

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How her career started as a female rapper?

The Asian Doll ‘s career began on December 16, 2015, when she released Da Rise of the Barbie Doll Gang Empire. She introduced beef via social media that made her popular among individuals. Project Princess Vol. is some of her other famous designs. 1, Bill to Kill, Vol. 1, SZN Doll, and Unfuccwitable Mixtape.

Asian Doll net worth

She also got inspiration from Nicki Minaj and she decided to become a rapper because of performers such as her. Her name, Asian Doll, is identical to the Barbie Doll popularity of Nicki Minaj. Bhad Bhabie, Rico Nasty, and PnB Rock are some of the popular singers who collaborated with Asian Doll.

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Asian Doll is also well known by her most recent name, Asian Da Brat, and with Doll as a professional name, she wanted to look different from the female singers. The new name is close to that of Atlanta Da Brat’s veteran female rapper. She shared during an interview that her name is a nod to the popular Bratz Dolls doll brand.


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