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Some facts about Jasmine Waltz and her earlier life

Waltz from Las Vegas, Nevada is an American model, actress, and reality TV personality. According to Jasmine Waltz wiki, she began modeling at the University of Performing Arts while studying and starred in “Rules of Engagement” in advertisements and televisions. We can see her recent pictures by her own post on her instagram account, which is followed by 186k members.

Waltz had small roles in movies and TV shows including Femme Fatales, Secret Girlfriend, and the All-Star Weekend and Black Water series. She was a contestant in 2014 in Celebrity Big Brother 13 and in 2017 in Celebrity Big Brother 19 who was evicted in both series on Day 13. She joined the cast of the Blade of Honor show in May 2016 as the character H.A.V.I.

place she was born and her parents, Jasmine Waltz wiki

In August 1982 Jasmine was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. She was an only child, and when she was young she ended up living in care homes and shelters after her father committed suicide and her mother left her. She lived in and out of group homes and shelters, until incidents at the young age of 16 landed her in the maximum security school of an all women. Two years later after her release, she began a journey to find herself a new and better life.

Jasmine Waltz wiki

She fell in with the wrong crowd at the age of 16 and was held in a maximum security prison until she turned 18.

She was charged in 2004 for cocaine trafficking and fined £ 372 and was sentenced to two days behind bars.

Jasmine Career from drug dealing to promising career in Hollywood

Jasmine Waltz wiki says, she began modeling while residing in Miami, Florida. Living in eight different cities, Jasmine slowly made her way to Miami, and began modeling and company. Also, she worked for three years at the University of Performing Arts, working nights at local clubs to pay for her way through school.

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Upon graduating Jasmine moved to Los Angeles where she drew the attention of producers from Hollywood. So Hollywood didn’t take long to recognize the stunning brunette with the boisterous, outgoing personality. Shortly afterwards, film, television and advertising research followed, along with increased media interest.

Jasmine has also starred as a Video Store Customer in Bad Boys II, as well as the Paris Hilton movie “Pledge This,” the sixth lowest score ever on the web, a film with a current IMDB rating of 1.9. Besides that, she made a career from, um, being on the 2014 Celebrity Big Brother.

Jasmine Waltz’s boyfriends and breakups

Jasmine may have starred in movies and television shows like “Pledge This” and “Rules of Engagement,” but it’s the people she’s dated that have made her name. Among her exes, Waltz lists Ryan Seacrest, Jesse McCartney, Chris Pine and a David Arquette who was then dating. Yeah, and Ryan Lee. Ryan also briefly dated the Celebrity Big Brother alum Jasmine Waltz in 2009, with the pair spending a romantic trip together to Paris.

Jasmine Waltz's boyfriends
Jasmine Waltz’s partners

Ryan has been in touch with several of his exes and was reported to have rekindled romance with Jasmine during a break from his relationship with Shayna in 2014, with sources close to the star saying it was “all fun for the moment.”

Jasmine is best known for her showbiz romances, her fling with actor David Arquette being the most prominent. After his split from Friends star Courteney Cox, she had an affair with Arquette.

Waltz was also linked with Ryan Seacrest’s presenter and actor Chris Pine.


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