Adam Girlfriend Kelsey Small death cause, investigation, daughter

Adam Girlfriend Kelsey Small death cause, investigation, daughter

Harmony Montgomery, a 7-year-old girl from Manchester, New Hampshire, has been missing since 2019,and was only reported missing last week, On Dec. 31. The child’s parents are Crys Renee Sorey and Adam Montgomery, according to Facebook posts. The mother of a missing seven-year-old took to Facebook to defend her conduct in the aftermath of her daughter’s abduction, slamming “bullies” who brigaded her in social media comments. Come down to learn more about Harmony Montgomery, parents, brother and investigation, among other things:

Who is 7-year old girl Harmony Montgomery? Parents, family, school

Harmony Montgomery missing
7-year old girl Harmony Montgomery missing Source: The Sun

Harmony Montgomery was five years old when she disappeared. Harmony was only the daughter to the parents Adam Montgomery and Crystal Sorey. She grew up with her elder brother Jamison. The authorities in New Hampshire are conducting a thorough investigation into Harmony’s disappearance. The girl is described as being around 0.7 m tall and 50 pounds with blond hair, blue eyes, and glasses. Harmony was last enrolled in school, according to police, in Massachusetts. The public is being asked to help Manchester police in their search for her.

“At this time I have dedicated all available resources and personnel to locating Harmony. I encourage anyone to contact the Manchester Police Department with any relevant information which will help us in locating Harmony,” Police Chief Allen Aldenberg said Friday.

Police said,

Crys Renee Sorey, Harmony’s mother, has been posting about her daughter’s disappearance on Facebook.

She is a “Stay-at-home parent” who “went to Whittier Regional Vocational Technical High School” and “Lives in Tampa, Florida,” according to her Facebook page. She was born and raised in Haverhill, Massachusetts.


She wrote, “People will Do ANYTHING FOR MEDIA CLOUT!!! You people SICKEN MEEEEEE!!!!! Tryna get FAMOUS OFF MY BABIES DISAPPEARANCE!! Please Share my daughters story my loved ones!!!”

She added, “Id appreciate if my family would have my back & put this irrelevant loser a** bully in his place!!! My daughter is missing & this is what ppl are focusing on?! Throwing my past on front street & trying to make it look like i don’t care! I will say this for the LAST TIME!! NEW HAMPSHIRE DCYF FAILED MY DAUGHTER!!! MYSELF & HER FAMILY HAVE FILED DOZENS OF REPORTS OF ABUSE & NEGLECT & NOTHING WAS DONE UNTIL I CALLED POLICE & WROTE A LETTER TO THE NH MAYOR!!!! This is ALL I WILL SAY UNTIL I AM ALLOWED TO SAY MORE CUZ I WILL NOT HINDER MY DAUGHTERS INVESTIGATION!!!!!”

Harmony was in her father Adam Montgomery’s custody, according to a family member.

Michael Montgomery wrote on Facebook that Harmony is his niece. “Everyone wether I know you or do not even if we have never spoken if you are seeing this please do me a massive favor and SHARE THIS POST, this is my Niece Harmony she is missing I do not know why it says missing since 2019 that info is wrong, but none the less the more eyes that see this the better someone has to have info on her whereabouts and you never know if a friend of a friend of a friend can lead the police to some information on her,” he wrote.

In a comment, he wrote, “Her Father has had the whole family blocked by phone and social media for years, he had custody of harmony last I spoke with him in 2019, the mother has recently been trying to get visits with her but could not get ahold of the father, the MPD has gotten ahold of him he is not cooperating. That’s all I know. I live 1500 miles away.”

Nyah Yadin wrote on Facebook about Harmony’s father: “Hi everyone, I’m Montgomerys’ cousin Harmony because many of you know a report for my cousin was made saying she’s been missing for two years yes , that’s correct, but what many of you don’t know is what Harmony is. During or was last known to be in the custody of her father Adam Montgomery last known in the Manchester area, any information would be appreciated even if it is old, please don’t hesitate to message me directly or call whatever. Any information that helps this post is also for the ignorant who want to form an opinion on a newsletter that does not give you any valid information. “

Girlfriend Kelsey Small of Harmony’s father found dead after shot

Kelsey Small, who was not charged in the case, died on March 13, according to authorities. According to sources, the death was not suspicious and occurred in a hotel. Adam Montgomery’s girlfriend was Small. The couple was discovered living in a car on Dec. 31, 2021, when he was detained in connection with the disappearance of his 7-year-old daughter, according to an affidavit.

Small spoke with detectives when she was found with Adam Montgomery last year, according to court filings, but her death puts an end to any possibility of her sharing any information she might have concerning Harmony’s disappearance.

Small told officers she had been romantically connected with Adam Montgomery for more than a year, according to the affidavit. She told detectives she knew he had four children with two women, but she said Adam Montgomery never mentioned Harmony, and she had no idea where she was.

How Adam Montgomery’s girlfriend Kelsey died? Cause of death

Montgomery’s girlfriend, Kelsey Small, died, according to the Seacoast Current, though the cause of death is still unknown.

Small’s death does not appear to be suspicious at this time, according to a Manchester Police spokesperson, who would not comment on her living status at the time of her death.

The True Crime Sisters confirmed her death on Twitter, saying, “She was only 27 years young and many are mourning her loss.”

“At this time, our True Crime Sisters team wishes to express our heartfelt condolences to Kelsey’s family and loved ones.”

Harmony’s Brother Jamison was adopted by a television anchor.

Harmony Montgomery brother
Harmony Montgomery with her brother Jamison Source: Facebook

Blair Miller, a television anchor in Washington, D.C., disclosed that Harmony is his adopted son Jamison’s sister. He admitted that maintaining that bond throughout the years had been challenging. He claimed he had never met Harmony before. They have a close relationship with Jamison’s and Harmony’s mothers, according to him.

“When we adopted Jamison he was well aware of his relationship with Harmony.” “When we were going through the adoption process, we quickly learned about Harmony.”

Miller wrote on his Facebook page, “We’ve been asked this question repeatedly and understandably – why did we not adopt Harmony and Jamison together. When we adopted Jamison, Harmony had already been reunited with family. Jamison had not so we were able to adopt just him. Harmony’s case was closed. Please bring awareness to her case. It’s devastating.”

Harmony Montgomery missing; When was Harmony Montgomery last seen?

Harmony Montgomery and her father were last seen together, and both of them are currently untraceable. Any leads have been requested by her cousin and mother. Harmony’s disappearance is particularly puzzling, given she was last seen in October of this year at the age of five, and her disappearance was solely reported this week.

Despite this, Harmony Montgomery’s disappearance is being examined. According to the New Hampshire Union Leader, police were called to Harmony’s father and mother’s home on Sunday. The search was verified by Manchester Police Chief Allen Aldenberg to the Union Leader and WMUR-TV. There has been no further information released.

What did the police says on Harmony Montgomery missing?

She hasn’t been seen since late 2019, according to a report received by Manchester police this week. She was last spotted in Manchester in October of 2019 during a police request for assistance at a residence in the city.

“That’s the last time she has been seen here in the City of Manchester. I’m not saying she hasn’t been seen somewhere else. I’m just focusing on the last time she was seen in the City of Manchester,” Aldenberg said.

Since learning of Harmony’s disappearance, police have been investigating “nonstop,” in collaboration with the state Division for Children, Youth, and Families and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

“Quite frankly, enough is enough,” Manchester Police Chief Allen Aldenberg said during a news briefing Monday evening. “This 7-year-old girl — let’s find her. “

“For us to have a two year delay, that is extremely concerning,” Aldenberg said. “That’s not something that happens to us on a regular basis. It doesn’t happen every day.”


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