American rapper Jane Chika Oranika net worth, family, nationality, ethnicity

American rapper Jane Chika Oranika net worth, family, nationality, ethnicity

Jane Chika Oranika, better known as Chika , is an American rapper. She rose to prominence through social media before signing with Warner Records in 2019. She was named to XXL’s 2020 Freshman Class and was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best New Artist the following year. Jane Chika Oranika shook the Internet when she said she was planning to commit suicide on Saturday, March 26. Learn more about Jane Chika Oranika net worth, family, nationality, ethnicity, and other details below:

How much is American rapper Jane Chika Oranika net worth and earnings?

 Jane Chika Oranika net worth
Jane Chika Oranika taking selfie with her phone Source: Instagram

For almost five years, she has captivated fans’ hearts and is one of Hollywood’s most successful and skilled rappers. She has gained a significant amount of fame and wealth as a rapper and actor as a consequence of her ability and hard work. Jane Chika Oranika net worth is estimated of $1.1 million. Chika is a rapper who shot to notoriety after releasing a video the day after the November 2016 US presidential election. In the viral video, she was wearing light-colored make-up foundation and asked, “Are you African-American?” Nothing like it has ever been touched, heard, eaten, or smelled.”

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She released her debut single, “No Squares,” in April 2019. The song well accepted by the market. She was later signed to Warner Records in 2019. She also named to the XXL Freshman Class of 2020 and was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2020. Chika appeared in the 2020 Netflix Original film Project Power as a high school student. She also provided the song “My Power.” In actuality, it was her dedication, hard work, and enthusiasm that catapulted her to the position she presently inhabits.

Jane Chika Oranika professional career: How Chika net worth reaches into millions?

Chika rose to prominence after an Instagram post on November 9, 2016, the day after the 2016 presidential election in the United States. She says in the video that she covers herself in pale foundation “Are you African-American? Never touched, never heard, never tasted, never smelled anything like it.” It was, however, in 2018. Chika made waves when she performed a freestyle rap based on Kanye West’s song Jesus Walks. She recorded a freestyle after West discovered to be a Trump supporter. After the first freestyle became viral, she followed it up with a second freestyle dedicated to Nia Wilson’s murder.

Her debut single, “No Squares,” released in April 2019. The song well-received in the marketplace. Warner Records eventually signed her. Jane recorded two songs with the record company, “Can’t Explain It” and “High Rises.” She released an EP named “Industry Games” in March 2020.

Chika became well-known as a rapper, but she was also recognized for her role in the Netflix Original film “Project Power.” In the film, she played a high school girl, and it was released in 2020. She also featured as a fashion model on Teen Vogue. She named to Business of Fashion’s top 500 persons who affected the fashion business that year in 2019.

Who are Jane Chika Oranika parents and family? Age, nationality, Ethnicity

She was born in Montgomery, Alabama, on March 9, 1997. She is currently a stunning 25-year-old woman. Dr. Emmanuel and Dr. Patience Otuonye, both Nigerians, were her parents when she was born. Her parents came to the United States in order to pursue higher education. Chika’s father works for the Alabama Department of Transportation, while her mother is a teacher mentor specialist. She previously worked at Auburn University as an Adjunct Professor.

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Chika is the youngest of three girls born to Nigerian-American parents. She nurtured in the Pentecostal church and is of Igbo origin. Chika grew up in a traditional African home, listening to loud music in the house. Michelle and Judy are her two older sisters.

What university did she attend? What was her major?

She went to Booker T. Washington Magnet High School because she interested in music and slam poetry. She was invited to the famous Berklee College of Music, but she chose to attend the University of South Alabama instead owing to tuition considerations. She dropped out after her first year to pursue a career in music.

Height, weight and other measurements

Jane Chika Oranika is a stunning rapper who works in the profession. She is well-known for her gorgeous and endearing demeanor. Chika stands at a healthy height of 167.5 cm and weighs roughly 194 pounds. Her hair is black, and her eyes are dark brown. Chika has a few tattoos on her body as well. Furthermore, her body type is enormous. At this time, her physical measurements are unavailable.

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Why was Jane Chika Oranika going to commit suicide on March 26?

Oranika caused shockwaves around the Internet when she said she was planning to commit suicide on March 26. In what appeared to be a plea for help, the Alabama native rushed to Instagram and released a comprehensive message stating that she was on the edge of suicide. The Warner Music Group performer has previously spoken openly about her mental health difficulties.

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In her Instagram story, the 25-year-old emcee admitted that she was on the verge of hurling herself over the top of The Intercontinental in Los Angeles. Chika also shared other Instagram stories in which she stated that she would not be able to return home and asked her fans and followers to help her find her body in St. Paul.

Is the Rapper single or in a relationship?

Jane Chika Oranika dating
Rapper Jane Chika Oranika looking great in white Source: Instagram

Like many other celebrities, Jane Chika Oranika keeps her personal life, particularly her romance, a well kept secret. When it comes to her personal life, she keeps a low profile. As a result, Jane’s boyfriend or partner, as well as her present relationship status, are unavailable at this time. Chika considers herself to be bisexual. She tweeted on March 17, 2020, with the following caption:

1.) I’m bisexual  2.) I’m not even remotely butch 3.) There is a specific dick I am referring to

She also addresses her sexuality in her music and videos. In her video for “Can’t Explain It”, she put her own spin on A Different World, one of her favorite sitcoms.


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