Who is Hugh Grant Chinese wife Tinglan Hong? net worth, children

Who is Hugh Grant Chinese wife Tinglan Hong? net worth, children

Hugh Grant is an actor from the United Kingdom. A Golden Globe Award, a BAFTA Award, a Volpi Cup, and an Honorary César are among his honors. His films have grossed almost $3 billion globally from 29 theatrical releases as of 2018. Hugh Grant is a producer with a $150 million net worth. He was one of the most popular movie stars in the 1990s, and his career has continued to flourish to this day. To learn more about Hugh Grant Chinese wife, net worth, children, and other details, continue reading.

Who is Hugh Grant Chinese wife?

Tinglan was born in the Chinese city of Tinglan in the year 1979. As of 2022, she is 42 years old. She was allegedly born into an entrepreneurial family in Lishui, Zhejiang Province, Eastern China. Her mother is a businesswoman who has made a name for herself. Hong spent the majority of her childhood in China before relocating to the United Kingdom in 2003 in search of brighter pastures.

She has stayed out of the spotlight when it comes to her early life and education. Tinglan studied hotel and management at the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom. She was hire as a receptionist in a Chinese restaurant after graduating from university.

How did Tinglan Hong and Hugh Grant meet?

Tinglan and Hugh first met in a Chinese restaurant where she was working as a receptionist, and things progressed from there. Hugh was claim to have been traveling there more frequently, although he sought to keep their relationship hidden from the public eye. Tinglan was also aware that he was seeing another woman at the time, but he didn’t seem to mind. It is believe that they began dating officially in 2010.

Hugh Grant wife
Hugh Grant is with his wife Tinglan Hong sources:zimbio

Tinglan became pregnant with their first child Tabitha Xaioxi Grant on September 26, 2011, and their relationship was assume to be a passing fancy until it was taken to the next level when Tinglan became pregnant with their first child Tabitha Xaioxi Grant on September 26, 2011.

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How did their personal relationship quickly deteriorate?

The couple split up a year after their daughter was born, and Hugh was thought to be engage after meeting his future wife, Anna Eberstein. Anna Mungo gave birth to the actor’s second kid, John Mungo, in September 2012.

Tinglan, his first baby mother, gave birth to their second child together, and the actor’s third, a few months later. This indicates that he was in the company of both women at the same time. Felix Chang, their second child, was born in December 2012.

Hugh Grant was blast by the media and the public for being such a careless playboy and womanizer, since he has a history of having a plethora of women at his beck and call. The press eventually forgot about the baby mama situation and began complimenting him for being such a terrific and loving father to his children.

The judge ordered the media to stay away from her.

As previously said, Tinglan Hong is not a typical star, and she has always valued her privacy and normalcy. She became the focus of media speculation very immediately after it was reveal that she was romantically relate to the famous English actor Hugh Grant and that they were expecting a child together. From blogs to regular media to paparazzi, everyone tried to make news out of everything she did.

Her attempts to avoid the media circus were futile, as she and her daughter were frequently follow practically everywhere they went. She was fed up with the commotion and set out to find a legal means to keep everyone off her property. Michael Tugendhat, a British High Court justice, ordered all paparazzi to stay away from her and her daughter in November 2011.

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Where is Tinglan Hong now? children

Tinglan has been able to lead a fairly private existence since her breakup with Grant, thanks to the fact that she was able to get the media off her back.

The same cannot be true for the famous actor, whose life is constantly in the spotlight. He’s since move on, and only a few months after Hong gave birth to his daughter, it was reveal that his kid was being carried by Swedish retail director Anna Eberstein. Tinglan Hong became pregnant for the second time for him not long after. In 2013, Tinglan gave birth to her second child with Grant, Felix Chang Hong Grant.

The actor, who is now married to Anna, has five children from the two women.

Hugh Grant wiki/bio- Parents, ethnicity, age, career

Hugh Grant was born on September 9, 1960, in London. Grant studied English literature at New College in Oxford and performed solely for the pleasure of it. He had never considered a career in the entertainment sector. Grant, on the other hand, immediately began performing in a touring production of “Twelfth Night” and joined the Oxford University Dramatic Society.

Hugh Grant wiki
Hugh Grant sources:wiki

Grant tried his hand at a variety of things before becoming renowned, including writing book reviews, composing radio ads, and tutoring. Hugh eventually returned to acting and appeared in a number of plays in England. Grant was offer roles in lesser films, such as Roman Polanski’s “Bitter Moon,” and cerebral pictures, such as “The Remains of the Day,” in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

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What is Hugh Grant’s net worth and salary?

Hugh Grant has a net worth of $150 million as a British actor and producer. He was one of the most popular movie stars in the 1990s, and his career has continued to flourish to this day. Hugh Grant-led films have grossed over $3 billion worldwide as of this writing. He is note for his roles as a hopeless romantic or a sleazy, but oh-so-attractive jerk in a number of films.

Hugh was pay $100,000 for his role in “Four Weddings and a Funeral,” which established his career in 1994. He was commanding $7-10 million each feature by the late 1990s. “Two Weeks Notice,” which he directed in 2002, earned him $12.5 million. Hugh is currently pay $10 million for a leading role and $5 million for a supporting one.

Real Estate

Hugh has amassed a sizable real estate portfolio over the years, including dozens of homes at periods. He bought a mansion in London’s posh Chelsea area for $3 million in 2000. In 2011, he paid $3 million for a mansion for his former girlfriend Tinglan Hong and their two children in a nearby neighborhood.

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He bought a six-bedroom mansion in Chelsea Square for $20 million in 2006. Three years later, he sold the house for $32 million. Hugh paid $13 million for a property for himself and Anna Eberstein in 2016. They also own a $700,000 resort in Sweden, where she was born. The couple paid $23 million on a property in Chelsea in 2019. The house they bought in 2016 is still theirs. It is said that they rent it for $10,000 a month.


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