Who is Ian Wright's wife Nancy Hallam, Children, height, football, married

Short Story about ex professional soccer & Ian Wright’s wife Nancy Hallam, kids

Earlier life of Ian Wright…
Wright is Jamaican immigrants ‘ third son. His uncle, Herbert, had been away from a young age, and his wife, Nesta, and an abusive stepfather brought him up.

Wright came relatively late for professional soccer. He was unable to attract enough interest to win a professional contract offer despite having had trials at Southend United and Brighton during his teens. Returning to playing for amateur and non-league clubs, he was left disillusioned with his professional soccer career prospects.

Earlier life of Ian Wright...

For failing to pay fines for driving without tax or insurance, Wright spent two weeks in Chelmsford Prison after a period in homelessness during which his wife was expecting their first child. He remembers how he burst into tears after being trapped in the cell and promised to God to do all he could to make it as a footballer.

His teacher Sydney Pigden was described by Wright as “the first positive male figure in my life.”

Who is Nancy, the current wife of Ian Wright?

Ian Wright's wife Nancy Hallam
Ian Wright’s wife Nancy Hallam

Nancy Hallam is a television presenter regarded as Ian Wright’s second wife. Ian described her as “the perfect woman,” according to a 2018 article from The Express. Due to a lack of knowledge about her online sites, it is difficult to reveal her data present time. Okay, she’s better known as “Ian Wright’s girlfriend,” who is a former soccer player, as well as television and radio presenter and sports pundit.

So where Nancy was born and how tall is she?

Nancy was born in England, Great Britain. She is a British citizen and a member of white ethnicity. There is a lack of information about her family, siblings and academic qualifications.

Hallam’s height and weight are good, as we see she is bit chubby. She has a sweet face with a beautiful body figure. Likewise, the color of her eyes is hazel, and the color of her hair is dark brown.

Ian gushed about Nancy’s mother, calling her “the ideal woman.”

In 2014, while working at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Nancy was robbed in their home at the knifepoint. Four young people invaded their house and threatened to “cut off the fingers of their children” if Nancy didn’t tell them where to keep the safe.

Nancy remained unscathed through the ordeal, providing the details they needed to the robbers. Talking of the accident, he said that it was “a miracle,” during the robbery, none of their kids woke up.

Ian Wright’s wife Nancy Hallam, married

In 2011, Nancy was engaged to Ian Wright focusing on her personal life. The couple has two kids together. It’s Lola and Roxanne. From now on, the couple are living a happy life with their kids without separation or divorce rumors.

Ian Wright's wife Nancy Hallam after 9 years

The former Arsenal and England striker, 56, proposed to Nancy Hallam on a weekend away and they plan to marry in July 2011.

Sun soccer pundit Ian has a daughter with Nancy, who is one year old. For four years they’ve been dating.

A source said, “Wrighty felt it was time to inquire, and they were pleased.” Ian has three sons — Stacey, with ex-wife Debbie, Bradley Wright — Phillips, and both footballers, Brett Wright.  For Manchester City, SHAUN WRIGHT-PHILLIPS has also been adopted.

Ian opened up earlier about his family life, saying to The Sun: “I didn’t set out to be like that.

“I wanted to get married just once and never planned to have so many children in so many different circumstances.”

“Me and my brother always used to say we didn’t want kids at all, but as we were growing up, everywhere we looked there were lots of guys with kids.

“It’s difficult not to be taking that in on a pretty deep level,” he said. “Even if you don’t realise you are, and that’s the read problem with the so-called Vanishing Black Father: it’s self-perpetuating.”


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