How to pay IdGod through bitcoins? IdGod wiki, work, payments

How to pay IdGod through bitcoins? IdGod wiki, work, payments

Id god are fake id cards that are created by unknown persons. The fake cards include every kind of business or government card. The company is one of the most famous id card makers for making fake ids in the US as well as in different other countries. Come down to know more about How to pay to IdGod through bitcoins and many more about IdGod.

Parent company

The parent Company of IdGod is Idcheif which is based in China. It once sold the driving licence and drinking licence to the underage group in the USA for $50. During the period 75% of the fake id Cards of the USA were transported to the USA through China. The cost is really cheap and can be easily affordable. Id chief mentioned all its shipping routes and hiding techniques in its social media handles. The company has a direct Q/A with the customers through open forms and can receive the fake ids within days. It was very difficult for the experts to differentiate between the fake and real as the fake were scannable too. 

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What do IdGod do?

When it comes to the word, fake id people remember Idgod.The cards provided by them are Driving Licence and Operator Licence.  They provide high-quality IDs at a reasonable cost. Every ID includes a free duplicate as well as a tracking number. All identification cards have been programmed to be scanned and pass the backlight test.

Fake Licence Source: Instagram

The fake id cards are used for numerous activities regarding partying, chilling out with friends and many more to those people who are under aged or restricted by the government. Not only this but the cards are even used for drinking purposes, illegal carrying of guns, by terrorists, obtaining a US password, employment jobs, boarding a plane and bunch of many other works. 

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How to pay to IdGod through bitcoins ?

Lets know How to pay to IdGod through bitcoins. Idgod uses cryptocurrency for the payment of the work done by it such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. They don’t use the modern transfer method such as banking transfer or credit card or paypal or any other online services, As per the sources other transfers are cancelled due to the high chances of getting tracked by the location. 

A special bitcoin address is given to the client to transfer the amount. Each address is different from each other and  a special script is made to track the process of transaction and amounts. The cryptocurrency method is used so that the financial data of the client can be kept safe. 

Payment through Bitcoin Source:

The rates are different from each other depending upon the state. The rate ranges from $60 to $115 for one fake card. 

Is IdGod banned?

As it is a fake id card developing company, which operates all its activities online. US Customs and Border Protection banned IdGod from 2020. But as they are based online and in foreign countries, the IDgod is not totally out of service. The computers, printers and other equipment are kept outside the territory of the US so that the local authority and enforcement can’t reach them.  ‘The service of IdGod still exists in 2022 and is successfully working and taking orders.

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