Bank of America Student Loans in 2022

Bank of America Student Loans in 2022

Bank of America is the American multinational investment bank and financial service holding company whose headquarters is in Charlotte, North Carolina. The bank is the second largest bank of America. The bank provides auto and housing loans. The provision of providing the private student loans was closed from the year 2008 and the federal student loan was closed from the year 2010.

Bank of America

Amadeo Giannini founded Bank of America in 1956. It is a public company which serves the Financial areas. The bank serves its services world wide in about 4600 locations and more than 16200 ATMs. The current CEO of the bank is Brian Moynihan. The bank’s primary business is assets management, banking, commodities, credit cards, insurance, investment management, mortgage loans etc. The company’s total assets are $2.819 trillion holding 10% of total America’s savings. 90% of the revenue is generated from the domestic market.

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Bank of America Student loans in 2022

Bank of America completely stopped providing student loans from 2010. The private student loan is stopped from the year 2008 and the federal student loan end in 2010 when the Federal Family Education Loan program stop. The bank followed Capital one, another bank and stopped providing loans to the people. The Bank of America used to provide student loans to undergraduate, graduate students. The rate of interest is fixed in every kind of student loan. 2.89% to 5.08% was the minimal rate of interest for the loan.

Here are some other banks for student loans in 2022

  1. Hingham Institute
  2. NelNet

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