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Loren Gray Boyfriend, Relationship, Dating History

Loren Gray Beech is an American Pop Singer and one of the popular social media stars. She is well-known as Tiktok star. Loren is also a Model, an Actress and a Dancer. The dating history of Loren is very complicated. There were several flip flop relationship in last few years where she might saw some true relationship. let’s read about Loren Gray boyfriend and past relationship.

Dating history of Loren Gray

Unmarried Loren Gray has never been engaged. But in the past, she definitely has dated social media figures. She’s mature enough for sexy hunks to date. Her fans are always hopeless to know her business. In her personal life, she has kept a low profile. Or, she could date but she managed for the time being to keep it away from the spotlight. It will just be a question of time, and then her new partner will be introduced to her fans.

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Loren dated different partners on her past and somehow she failed to get the best love. She has dated Juwany Roman, Joey Kislyk, and Ian Jeffrey.  Joey Kislyk is her first boyfriend.

Loren with Joey Kislyk

Joey Kislyk is a Social media star. He has earned over 440,000 followers on Instagram. He is born on January 6,2000. Loren has dated Joey from 2014 to 2016.when she was 14 years old, she met Joey. As they were very loving couple they have made their own “Couple Instagram” and they have shared together called Joeyxloren. said that the pair broke up because they needed some time apart due to their busy lives. It is said that they broke up because they needed sometimes apart due to their busy lives.

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Juwany Roman with Loren Gray

Juwany Roman is also known as Geo and Flamingeos. He is a popular social media star. The guy is very popular on Snap-chat and has earned more than 1.2 million followers in Instagram. He is born on July 25, 1999 in Puerto Rico.  She had dated Geo from 2016 to November 2016. The habit of Geo Controlling and Jealousy leads to breakup.

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Ian Jeffrey Dickinson few months in relationship with Gray

Ian Jeffrey real name is Ian Jeffrey Dickinson. He is born on December 17,2001 in Bethlehem, New York.  He is a professional Model. Loren and Ian have dated each other in 2018 and their relationship lasted a few months. They have confirmed their breakup in March 2019 on Twitter. They have not shared about their breakup reason. She has posted a video of herself hugging a mysterious guy a few days later on Instagram. But his face is not seen clearly in the video but it is rumored that he is DeLoera based on the tats.

Loren Gray Body Measurements

Loren has got a very slim and attractive figure. Her height is 5 feet and 8.5 inches tall. Her weight is around 58kg and her body measurement is 34-25-35 inches and her Bra size is 32B.

How active is Loren on Social Media?

She starts using TikTok (then Musical.ly) in 2015. When Loren was in sixth grade, she has gained huge followers on Tiktok. She became one of the teenagers who raised to fame rapidly.

At present she has gathered a massive numbers of followers in other sites too like Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. She has got over 43.6 million on TikTok @lorengra and has 2.4 Billion likes on her posts and she is the most second followed individual Personality on TikTok. She has got over 19.4 million followers on her official Instagram @loren. She has got over 3.7 million followers on Youtube and 76+ millions video views. She has signed up for Youtube in June of 2014. She has signed up for Twitter on March of 2013.She is the star, who has gathered massive numbers of followers before the age of 18.


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