Deniz Oral, the ex-husband of Hatice Cengiz, Full Bio, Movies

Deniz Oral, the ex-husband of Hatice Cengiz, Full Bio/Wiki, Movies

Turkey actor Deniz was born on October 14, 1963 in Turkey. In his home town, Deniz Oral finished his main, secondary and secondary schooling. Her sibling, who played at the Regional Theater in Mersin, holds the side of Deniz Oral and brought her to the theater. With Bir A Half Income from Germany Biz, Oral, who has the skill and interest in theater since his infancy, made his first move on stage. Deniz Oral has been working for a long time as an amateur actor at the Mersin Regional Theater.

The artist has also been playing professional football for 15 years. In 1985 he came to Ankara and a year later began dubbing at TRT. So he entered his professional career in theater. He resided seven years in Ankara. He later came to Istanbul for a fresh theater venture and began playing in different theatres. The renowned performer with 10 skills on his ten toes has a music album called’ Kaçma Benden’ as well.

Deniz relationship with ex-wife Hatice Cengitz

Deniz married to Hatice Cengiz and welcomed son Doğu Berke Oral but went to divorce. Deniz wife went on relationship with Jamal

, who was the editor in “The Washington Post” and was killed in October, 2018.

Movies, Tv Shows, Awards, Commercials of actor Deniz Oral

Year Cinema Movie
2015 –  Ertuğrul 1890
2012 – Seasons Bloom
2009 – I saw the sun
2008 – The Masked Five: Cyprus
2007 – White Angel
2005 –  The Masked Five: In Search of Revenge
2005 –  Hababam Class 3,5
1998 –  Everything Will Be Very Good
1988 – Where Rose Ends

Movies and its years

Year Films
2016- Which of us did not like
2013 – The Eighties
2013-2014 – The Nineties
2013 – Marriage School
2010 – This Movie Doesn’t End
2009-2011 – Chamomile
2006 – Bridge
2005 –  Sevda Hill
2005 – Unregistered
2005 –  Raspberry
2002 –  Zerda
2001-2002 – Yeditepe Istanbul
2001 – Fall Roses
2001 – Hunter: Raşit
2000 – My account is not finished
2000 – Wolf Trap
1999 – Passengers of Hope
1995 – Our Home
Year Stage Shows
2011 – 90 Minutes to All Directions
2010 – Hello Despite Everything
2007 – Complicated
1992 – Theater square
1973 – Training on Ships


Altunsa Gold Sunflower Oil

Fives Pasta


Garanti Bank

Awards of Deniz

2003 Mersin Festival (Plaque)

Zeytin Cape Mentally Disabled Association (Plaque)

3.Traditional AK Party İskenderun Youth Festival (Plaque)

The American University Kyrenia / Cyprus (2009 Spring Festival) (Plaque)

Armoni Park Outlet Center (Funny Pair of Screens)

Devrek Walking Stick and Culture Festival (Honor Award) (Plaque)

Flying Screen – 90 Minutes Antalya Tour (Plaque)


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