Hatice Cengiz Biography, father, husband, fiance, child, divorce

Hatice Cengiz Biography, father, husband, fiance, child, divorce

Hatice Cengiz love for her fiance Jamal
Hatice Cengiz love for her fiance Jamal

Hatice Cengiz is a Turkish researcher interested in Omani culture and practices … Say your talk and walk away. On October 2, 2018, Jamal Khashoggi entered the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Istanbul. His fiancée Hatice Cengiz was waiting for him outside, but Jamal never came out. And now wants justice of his fiancée’s murder.
The two created a profound mental relationship — she 36, he 59—with a mutual enthusiasm for the Arab globe for politics, global relations, and fairness. He told her to marry him a week ago, and she agreed.

Relationship with Jamal. When and how Jamal and his fiancée meet for the first time?

Hatice Cengiz saw Khashoggi for the first time in May 2018 during an Istanbul meeting. The two fell in love and got involved in getting married. In a declaration to the Washington Post, Cengiz said she understood who he was and was acquainted with his job even before she met Khashoggi. She said at the meeting she visited his lecture and then asked him a query. The two began to talk and established a connection rapidly. Their connection rose rapidly, and they became involved not long before. A Khashoggi’s colleague said the dad of Cengiz was originally skeptical about their partnership because of their big age gap; Khashoggi is 59 years old. But ultimately the dad of Cengiz consented.

Khashoggi required to demonstrate that he had already divorced his first spouse legally to get married. That’s why on October 2, 2018, he came to the Saudi embassy to get a record of his divorce documents.

On the disappearance of her fiancé, she said that if she knew it would be the last moment she saw Khashoggi, she would have joined the consulate herself instead. “His voice and thoughts will reverberate throughout the globe, from Turkey to Saudi Arabia,” she wrote. “The oppression never endures indefinitely. Eventually, Tyrants pay for their sins.

How Ms. Cengiz’s father helped her for marriage with Khashoggi?

Due to the age gap and health issues, Ms. Cengiz’s dad had doubts about her marriage to Mr. Khashoggi, but permitted her to make her own choice. He told Mr. Khashoggi to purchase and settle on an apartment.

He bought the apartment and on October 2 they went to the Saudi Consulate to get papers to allow him to marry Ms. Cengiz. Two days ago, she said, the furniture had to arrive. They were planning to get married as quickly as possible.

Earlier life and education of Hatice Cengiz

She was born in Istanbul, Turkey, on April 6, 1982. She is 39 years old and ready to remain at the forefront of her lives. She grew up in a conservative middle-class household, one of five kids, and moved to a Christian seminary in Bursa’s Turkish town. The family relocated to Istanbul subsequently. Her dad, a cooking ware dealer, was rich enough to help her throughout her education, which included two years of studying Arabic in Egypt and a period of studying a master’s dissertation in Oman. She is now a PhD student centered on the nations of the Arab Gulf.

 Talking about her education, Hatice is a Ph. D student at Istanbul University, where she also graduated from high school and graduated from bachelor.

Hatice Cengiz has a son from her ex-husband

Hatice Cengiz married to Turkey’s actor Deniz Oral and welcomed son Doğu Berke Oral but went to divorce. Deniz wife went on relationship with Jamal, who was the editor in “The Washington Post” and was killed in October, 2018.


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