Denise Ho Earlier life, Partner, Relationship, Lesbian, Hong Kong Protest

Denise Ho’s Earlier life, Partner, Lesbian, Hong Kong Protest

Over a thousand people flocked to New York’s first concert by Hong Kong pop singer and human rights activist Denise Ho who is famous for dating her assistant. The concert, entitled “We Are Here, We Are Alive,” took place in the Town Hall and was priced at a starting price of US$ 88. Ho has been blacklisted for her active participation in the 2014 “summary movement” by the Chinese government but has gained more support from overseas audiences for her outspoken views. Singer and LGBT activist Denise Ho, very popular on media for her partner.

For her active participation in the 2014 Umbrella Revolution, Ho was blacklisted by China’s authorities.

What is the Relationship status of Ho? Is she in love with male partner or She is Lesbian?

Singers from Hong Kong, Joey Yung and Denise Ho once in a while used to be BFFs. The two also whispered that at one point they were dating because they were so close. Denise Ho reported to have taken time off her busy schedule in 2009 to celebrate the birthday of Joey Yung with her in Tokyo. But in 2012, after fellow singer Wilfred Lau revealed that he was in a relationship with Joey Yung, the two avoided being friends. But in 2015, with Denise taking her away, Joey Yung began to follow Denise Ho again on Instagram. Okay, the two have not yet had any social contact whatsoever.

LGBT Activist

Denise 传记,关系,女同,香港,早年生活

On December 2016, singer and LGBT activist Denise Ho was photographed kissing her assistant Cannan Fong while the two were having a Telegraph Bay beach-side picnic, and acted like on relationship. It quickly led to speculation that Denise had broken up with actress Joanne Deng from Taiwan, whom she supposedly dated for several years. Several reports even said Denise and Cannan had robbed her.

Well, there is no any updates about her wedding or commitment with any other till today’s date. Let’s see how long she keep secret.

Earlier Life and Education of Denise Ho

Denise Ho was born in Hong Kong on May 10, 1977. Her two parents were teachers. She continued her primary school education there at the Junior School for Diocesan Girls.

Denise ho 传记,关系,女同,香港,早年生活...
Denise ho at new York

She moved from Hong Kong to Montreal, Canada, at the age of 11 in 1988. Ho initially attended Jean-de-la-Mennais School, a primary and middle school in La Prairie on Montreal’s South Shore, then attended Jean-de-Brébeuf College, a Catholic high school preparatory and private college. Ho was awarded a Quebec Diploma in Arts and Telecommunications Studies.

Denise ho传记,关系,女同,香港,早年生活 2019

Singer Denise came back to Hong Kong in 1996 to compete in the New Talent Singing Awards (NTSA). She eventually started her studies in graphic design at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). Since moving to Hong Kong to kick start her career, she had only completed the degree for a year.


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