Austrian TV presenter Christa Kummer salary, boyfriend, relationship

Austrian TV presenter Christa Kummer salary, boyfriend, relationship

Christa Kummer is the first female Austrian television weather presenter, author, and meteorologist who made history as Austria’s first female weather presenter. She has been the weather presenter for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) since 1995. She also works as a climatologist and scientist, specializing in climate change and health issues, on which she has published several nonfiction books. To learn more about Christa Kummer salary, boyfriend, and relationship, continue reading.

How much is the salary of television presenter Christa Kummer?

There is no information about Christa Kummer salary. But Austrian television weather presenter salaries are between  2,261 – 4,499 EUR. Christa Kummer make her life style higher with the help of her salary and from “Mrs. Shoe” and “Ambassador of Good Shoe Taste”.

Christa Kummer salary
Christa Kummer

Who is Christa Kummer boyfriend? Personal life and interest

Kummer is married to Franz Hofbauer, a sports editor. Franz Hofbauer was a highly decorate Leutnant der Reserve in the Wehrmacht during World War II, receiving the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross. He was born on March 25, 1921, and died on February 11, 1944. The Iron Cross Knight’s Cross was create to honor extraordinary battlefield bravery or successful military leadership. He was also give the extremely rare Gold Close Combat Clasp, one of only 631 grant.

Her love of shoes, which she liked to talk about on the radio, earned her the titles “Mrs. Shoe” and “Ambassador of Good Shoe Taste,” according to Kummer, who owns more than 250 pairs.

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Fly fishing is one of her favorite pastimes, and she enjoys the tranquility and sound of the lake. Kummer states that her weather forecasts are based on “mathematical facts” and experiences she gained during her studies and career as a scientist.

Christa Kummer wiki/bio- education, nationality, birth place 

Christa Kummer was born in Vienna on September 8, 1964, and attended the University of Vienna after graduating from high school. She graduated with a master’s degree in 1988, and in addition to teaching, she worked as a scientist at the Institute for Speleology.

Christa Kummer finished her dissertation research in 1993. (geography with a focus on geochemistry and geophysics). She was the conference secretary for the Vienna International Future Conference from 1993 to 1994.

How did she start her professional career?

As a climatologist and hydrogeologist, she joined the ORF weather department in 1994. (and theologian). Christa Kummer has been hosting “Wetter” since March 1995, and her initial appearance as the first woman on Wetter in March 1995 made television history. Thousands of live broadcasts in a variety of broadcast formats have occurred over the last two decades.

Christa Kummer has a long history of achievement in the media industry. She also continues to work on scientific projects, writes books, moderates numerous events on a variety of issues, and is a dynamic speaker on the topic of “Climate, Weather, and Health.” She is also the 2017 Austrian Climate Protection Award presenter.

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What goes into producing a weather show?

The majority of people are unaware that a weather broadcast requires a significant amount of preparation. “I used to be both a moderator and an editor. We’re down to two people now. Throughout the day, we create around 60 distinct weather maps “Kummer describes her day-to-day duties. Your working day starts at 11:00 a.m. and concludes at 8:30 p.m. on weekdays. “I used to host one live show a day, which was the weather in the ZiB1. There are four live shows today. “

Christa Kummer weather show
Christa Kummer weather show/forecasting sources: Instagram

You won’t be able to get any more from the rest of your show. She no longer requires prepared texts; instead, she creates her moderation spontaneously from the liver. She has perfected the art of perfect timing, having moderated over 10,000 live programs throughout her time with ORF.

Christa Kummer doesn’t care about the weather in her personal life. She once observed, “It comes as it comes.” However, she puts her claim in context: “Nobody is immune to the effects of the weather. That includes myself. But I don’t judge it since I understand that the only thing I can change is my attitude toward it.”

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It’s also evident that the ORF weathercaster despises the November fog. However, she merely changes her leisure activities according to the weather. “After that, I just relax at home and read more novels,” she says.

Christa Kummer and the male domain

Her profession began with a test of strength; she had to establish herself. The weather department was an all-male realm at the time, with journalist Carl Michael Belcredi serving as the principal weather authority. “And then there was a woman who was vibrant, young, and styled exaggeratedly on the first show,” Kummer recounts, amused.

That day, everything went wrong for Christa Kummer.

She was actually invite to the casting after the preliminary discussion. Naturally, everything went wrong. Christa Kummer had to improvise when she had only five minutes to prepare a weather report on an ancient Olympia typewriter. “Of course, I received the typewriter that didn’t come with a ribbon,” she laughs.

She moderated without further ado because she was unable to prepare herself appropriately. “It was certainly to my advantage in retrospect, because I went about it absolutely relaxed.” She was hire. “I was genuinely astonish about the commitment and had to pay a lot of gambling debts,” Christa Kummer, who has work in the ORF weather department since 1994, says now.

Christa Kummer childhood: lots of love, strict rules, parents

The popular ORF presenter was never the center of the attention she drew from her public appearance. Her ability to maintain her hold on reality can be trace back to her youth. Christa Kummer is an only child who grew up protected in a traditional environment, as she underlines.

Her mother worked as a dental assistant. When her baby was born, she quit her career and focused entirely on her role as a mother. There were many regulations, even though she could always chat honestly with her parents about everything. At Kummer, the most fundamental principles are modesty, honesty, and diligence.

“My parents would not have tolerated a year of ‘cooling’ after high school,” Christa Kummer explains. Despite having been born and bred in Vienna, she does not consider herself a true Viennese. “I’ve always been a child caught in the middle of two federal states.”


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