Who is the wife of Polish lawyer Andrzej Duda? Daughter, net worth

Who is the wife of Polish lawyer Andrzej Duda? Daughter, net worth

Andrzej Duda is a lawyer and politician from Poland who has been President since 2015. From 2011 to 2014, he was a member of the Sejm, and from 2014 to 2015, he was a member of the European Parliament. During the 2015 presidential election, Duda ran as a presidential candidate for the Law and Justice (PiS) party. Scroll down to know more about Andrzej Duda wife, daughter, net worth and more.

Who is lawyer Andrzej Duda wife? Daughter

Agata Kornhauser-Duda, a German teacher at Jan III Sobieski High School in Kraków, is Andrzej Duda wife. When they were both in high school, they met at a party. Since December 21, 1994, the pair have been married. Kinga, their 1995 child, is their only child. Duda will designate her as a social issues adviser in September 2020. Julian Kornhauser, a renowned author, translator, and literary critic, is Duda father-in-law. While a university student, Duda competed in the Polish Academic Alpine Ski Championships.

Andrzej Duda wife
Andrzej Duda is with his wife sources: pomponik

Duda is a devout follower of the Catholic faith. On numerous occasions, he has participated in religious rites like Midnight Mass, the Holy Saturday food blessing, and the Kraków Corpus Christi parade.

20 years of experience as a married pair

“We met in the third year of high school, just before the summer holidays, at our mutual friend’s birthday party. I remember that Andrzej took me and my friend home. Then there were other meetings (…). And from September 1990, we are a couple until today “- says the future first lady.

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From another bulletin, we learn that Duda was waiting for his future wife in front of school or in Krakow’s Planty Park. Agata Kornhauser then distinguished herself with a “purple cowboy scarf”.

Four years later, in 1994, they got married, and a year later their daughter Kinga was born.

“I’ll make an effort to be an excellent first lady.”wife

Despite some friction, Andrzej Duda’s wife strongly supported him in the presidential campaign, which undoubtedly won many supporters.

At the election convention she thanked for the support that “gives strength”. She also refer to the words that Kaczyński is behind Duda. – I decided to solve the mystery – our opponents are wondering who is behind Andrzej Duda and are very afraid of Mr. Kaczyński. I don’t know why they are so fearful – with all due respect, but I’m not afraid of you. One thing is certain – irrespective of the election results and all the attacks, Andrzej and I are support by me and my daughter – and that will not change.

After the announcement of the results of the second round of elections, at the election night of Duda, shouts of “first lady!” Quickly resounded. Thank you very much, thank you to all Poles in the country and abroad. We will try to live up to the promises that your husband made in this campaign. I will try to be a good first lady – declare.

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From where and when did Andrzej Duda complete his education? Memory board, wiki

Janina Milewska and Jan Tadeusz Duda, both professors at the AGH University of Science and Technology, gave birth to Duda on May 16, 1972 in Kraków. His grandfather participated in the Polish–Soviet War and afterwards served in the Home Army during WWII.

Duda studied Humanities at Jan III Sobieski High School in Kraków between 1987 and 1991. He went on to Jagiellonian University to study law. He was hire as a research assistant in the Department of Administrative Law of Jagiellonian University’s Faculty of Law and Administration in October 2001, after receiving his Master of Law degree. Duda earned his Doctor of Law degree (LL.D.) from Jagiellonian University in January 2005. He has been on unpaid leave from the university since September 2006 due to issues in his political career, with the exception of a 13-month period commencing in September 2010, when he returned. Duda also worked as a lecturer at Pozna’s Mieszko I College of Education and Administration.

Leave only at the end of the school year

II Secondary School General education in Krakow, where Agata Duda taught German, experienced a real media siege on Monday after the election. – I have probably given twenty interviews. At the end of the day, I almost lost my voice – tells us Marek Stępski, the school’s headmaster.

The boss speaks about Agata Duda in superlatives. And, as she emphasizes, she knows what she is saying because she has known the president for 17 years. – He is such a teacher from the top shelf. Not only is she very commit to teaching, she is also active in our teaching council. Both other teachers and students like it. Always smiling and happy. I watch him work. How it helps those who do not have language skills, but are trying. He stays with them after school, uses the windows between lessons to talk. He has a sense of mission – says director Stępski.

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At school, they also appreciate Agata Duda for taking only one day off during the entire presidential campaign. She did not neglect her duties. On Monday and today she also conducted lessons normally. He does not go on unpaid leave until the end of June. – We will miss her. But I am glad that they both achieved such success – emphasizes Stępski.

How did he get his start in politics?

Duda began his political career in the early 2000s with the now-defunct Freedom Union Party. He joined the Law and Justice Party after the 2005 legislative elections (PiS). Duda served as an undersecretary of state in the Ministry of Justice from 2006 until 2007. Andrzej then served on the Polish State Tribunal from 2007 to 2008.

Duda served as an undersecretary of state in the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland from 2008 to 2010, during the presidency of Lech Kaczyski. He ran for Mayor of Kraków as a PiS candidate in 2010 but lost, but he was more successful in the 2011 parliamentary election, receiving 79,981 votes for the Kraków area and thus becoming a member of the Sejm.

Andrzej Duda career
Andrzej Duda is looking handsome sources:Instagram

As part of his role at the Commission for Constitutional Responsibility, the news magazine Polityka praise Duda for being one of the most active members of parliament at the time, describing him as being open to opposition arguments and refraining from personal attacks, though later he was accuse of severely restricting free speech and communications during his presidency. Duda serve in the Sejm until 2014, when he was elect to the European Parliament.

How much is the net worth of Andrzej Duda? Is he a millionaire?

Andrzej Duda has a net worth of roughly $10 million. His annual salary is roughly $450,000, and his political career is his primary source of income. Duda great career has afforded him opulent lifestyles and high-end automobiles. He is one of Poland’s wealthiest and most powerful politicians.

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Duda, on the other hand, expressed grave concern over the intensification of hostilities between Azerbaijan and Armenia in the disputed area of Nagorno-Karabakh in October 2020, and called on all parties to “stop military activities and participate in negotiation.”


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