Camilo Sesto Died at age 72, Net worth, Songs, Wife, Amy's death Son

Camilo Sesto Died at age 72, Net worth, Songs, Wife, Amy’s death Son

Camilo Sesto, a Spanish singer and romantic ballad songwriter who achieved a top one hit series in a career spanning centuries, died at 72 years of age, his family said Sunday. Spanish TV station TVE said he died as a result of cardiac arrest in a hospital in Madrid.

Born in (Alcoy, Alicante, Spain, September 16, 1946), Camilo Blanes Cortés, recognized by his stage name as Camilo Sesto, was a Spanish singer, songwriter and romantic ballad, pop and rock performer.

His parents are Eliseo Blanes and Joaquina Cortés. Camilo Sesto’s mother tongues are Castilian and Valencia. He also talks English, a language he has been studying in Los Angeles.  
Camilo had a son name Camilo Blanes who was born in 1987.

Camilo Sesto’s net worth

The net worth of a Spanish singer or super star Camilo Sesto’s is $79 million approximately. He is one of Spain’s most popular performers of Latin ballads, Latin pop, and synthpop. Sesto is also a manufacturer, performer, and composer. In the 1960s, he was member of two pop groups and part of Hamlet’s Spanish manufacturing. More than 175 million records have been purchased globally by Sesto.

How Camilo started his profession?

He was one of Spain’s flagship singers, awarded the “Maximum Hispanic Pride” medal in 2011 in the U.S. city of Las Vegas. With more than 40 record releases and thanks to his frenetic behavior in the 1970s and 1980s, he remains to be one of the most numerous artists, with 52 in total and 18 on the top 40 list. Their sales are projected to exceed 70 million copies.

He has written songs as a composer for artists including Miguel Bosé, Ángela Carrasco, Lani Hall, Audrey Landers, Lucía Méndez, Manolo Otero, Sergio Fachelli, and José José. He appeared in Jesus ‘ part in the Jesus Christ Superstar rock opera in 1975, which he himself funded in his Spanish version.

His Journey as a song writer and singer

In 2008, he announced his plan to withdraw from the stage on a three-year farewell trip. A live DVD called All of me filmed in Madrid has been released on this trip. Since 2014, Camilo has proceeded with lectures in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the U.S.

He released a fresh compilation called Camilo70 at the beginning of 2016, coinciding with his 70th birthday, this album includes 60 tracks, including hits and unknown songs. Camilo symphonic was released in 2018, an album that includes some of his greatest hits with a symphony orchestra, the songs sung alongside other performers like Mónica Naranjo, Marta Sánchez, Pastora Soler and Ruth Lorenzo performing hits like “Forgive me,” “Love you,” Love… Love “and” Living like this is dying of love, “among others. The album incorporates the singer’s initial songs with the artists backed by the renowned Spanish Radio and Television Corporation Symphony Orchestra. He started his solo career as” Camilo Sexto “In 1970 he started his solo career as” Camilo Sexto, “winning the” Revelation “prize at the Los Olés de la Canción Festival.

Who was Camilo Sesto’s wife?

 Camilo Sesto’s wife
Camilo Sesto’s wife and Any has tattoo on her shoulder.

Camilo’s wife was Amy Winehouse was an English mobile beehive singer, supported by the pharmaceutical and alcohol sectors until her premature suicide in 2011 prematurely, if perhaps not unexpectedly.

How Camilo’s wife Amy died?

Died On July 23, 2011, Amy Winehouse was discovered
Amy Winehouse was smoking.

On July 23, 2011, Amy Winehouse was discovered somewhat more dead than normal. No way away from the brink this moment. She was 27 years old and is now formally a representative of the boys club who have died as Janis Joplin, Little Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain have reached this point. Hearing her death news, supporters left flowers outside her house, vacant cans and scrunched-up cigarettes. For the press and florists, too, it was another nice day. Surprisingly, nobody came to Amy Wear in complete-there was no beehive to be seen.

Spanish Singer Camilo Sesto Movies and Songs


1980.- The Beach of Love

1980.- The Disco of Love

1981.- The Holidays of Love



1964: The Daysons

1966: The Booties


1971: Summer will come / No address

1971: Something about me

1972: Only one man

1973: Something else

1974: Camilo

1975: Free Love

1975: Jesus Christ Superstar

1976: Memories

1976: Look in the eye (still unpublished)

1977: Features

1977: Among friends

1978: Feelings

1979: Hours of love

1980: Dawning

1981: More and more

1982: Camilo (in English)

1983: With desire

1984: Sunrise / 84

1985: Yours

1986: Dance Agenda

1991: At the will of heaven

1992: Hurricane of love

1994: Love without vertigo

2000: The Phantom of the Opera (still unpublished)

2002: Alma (with Isabel Patton)

2003: Alma (Second Edition) (with Andrea Bronston)

2006: Camilo Sesto sings to Bujalance

2010: All of me – 2 CDs and DVDs recorded live on October 1 and 2 in Madrid

2018: Symphonic Camilo Compilatories

1982: Very personal

1997: Camilo Superstar

2004: Camilo Sesto Nº 1

2005: Jesus Christ Superstar (30th Anniversary edition)

2016: Camilo70 (compilation album, 70 years of Camilo Sesto)


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