Briar in League of Legends: novel champion with worthy features

Briar in League of Legends: novel champion with worthy features

In mid-September 2023, a new jungler named Briar will appear in LoL. This girl is going to be the first one without a basic ability to regenerate. Whether you are an avid player or want to place bets on LoL tournaments on , figure out how to play as Briar, what items to collect and how to decide on runes.

The abilities and their usage

This champion possesses simple mechanics. It resembles a mixture of Warwick and Vi and belongs to the heroes, who are required to get to the back line of the battle or kill the target under the tower. She is best suited for low ranks because opponents are worse positioned there and they do not bother about team compositions.

Crimson Curse

The effectiveness of the healing grows as health is lost. Attacks and skills briefly cause enemies to bleed, which brings main damage. At the same time she is healing. However, there is no basic regeneration. This skill emphasizes her vampire status. It enhances the champion’s auto-attacks and helps not to sag in health during battles.

Head Rush (Q)

She jumps to the enemy and briefly stuns him, providing injuries and diminishing an ability to shield. If she casts this skill on others during Blood Frenzy, they stop attacking in priority order. The skill greatly improves her mobility, allowing her to jump over shallow walls is there is someone around. Since the girl does the biggest harm with auto-attacks, the skill helps to get closer and successfully deal with the target.

Blood Frenzy/Snack Attack (W)

The girl jumps to a victim and enters in this special state, setting herself on the enemy. Her speed becomes much higher and these attacks are associated with lots of harmful consequences. When recasting the skill, she empowers the next auto attack. This is one of her main skills, with which she cracks down on opponents. It also gives a perfect ability to overcome small walls.

Chilling Scream (E)

When the previous state ends, she begins to gather her strength. Thus, she is less active and regenerates health. Then, the girl lets out a shout that is harmful based on channeling time and makes the counterpart slower. A fully used skill knocks the opponents back. If they hit the wall, it weakens them and makes them stunned. The skill helps to gain some control over the girl. It can be utilized to push opponents into the wall.

Certain Death (R)

She launches a projectile and flies towards the enemy it hits with all the ferocity. Upon arrival, she deals great harm to everyone around and frightens them. She then enters an enhanced Blood Frenzy state and hunts the prey. During this period, she has increased armor, resistance and speed. Ultimate hero is like a mixture of the strongest skills of Warwick and Vex. The skill’s cast radius is over half the map, so it can be utilized to finish off a fleeing enemy or initiate a fight.

More features

It is advisable for the player to fully learn W since the skill has a significantly reduced recharge and also increases everything from buffs to damage. Q is taken next with recharge reduction and increased armor penetration. Ultimate is traditionally taken out of turn and then one can finish with E.

Only one rune option sits perfectly on Briar through the Conqueror. This set will help you maximize your champion’s damage and survivability. You can also try a build through Decisive Offensive but Conqueror gives her more advantages.

As a mythical artifact, Briar can utilize Triple Alliance, Bone Breaker and Ripper. The first one will increase the duel potential of the vampire and the other two will show themselves better in team battles, adding control or survivability. The rest of the legendary items depend on the composition of the heroes. If you have to tank, then collect more items for survivability. If there is someone to absorb damage for you, then take more damage.

Because Briar is played in the forest, there is no specific opponent to her. The heroine is vulnerable to ranged poke and compositions with a lot of crowd control.


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