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A Hedge fund manager Bill Ackman net worth, house, wife

William Albert Ackman, also known as Bill Ackman, is a hedge fund manager and investor from the United States. Ackman is the founder and current CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management, a hedge fund management firm. He created the corporation with $54 million of his own money. Bill Ackman is a contrarian investor due to his investment strategy. Ackman, on the other hand, is commonly seen as an activist investor. Come down to learn more about his net worth, revenue sources, marriage, and other details.

What is hedge fund manager Bill Ackman net worth? How did he builds his investment, and earn?

A philanthropist and hedge fund manager Bill Ackman net worth is $3.1 billion. He best known as the founder and CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management LP, also known as William Ackman (a hedge fund management company). Bill Ackman has amassed enormous riches as a result of his reputation for making high-risk bets.

Bill Ackman net worth
Bill Ackman is listed in Forbes as one of the richest people in the world Source: Forbes

The majority of Ackman’s fortune derived from his own hedge fund, Pershing Square Capital Management. Bill expected to make $1.4 billion in 2020, according to Institutional Investor. Pershing could be responsible for up to 80% of that total.

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What are his other high-profile companies?

Aside from Pershing Square Capital Management, Bill Ackman has made numerous additional high-profile investments throughout the years. Ackman is well-known for his investments in companies such as Target Corporation, Chipotle Mexican Grill, and Valeant Pharmaceuticals. He sold his 27.2 million shares of Valeant Pharmaceuticals to the investment bank Jefferies in March 2017 for an estimated $300 million.

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Bill Ackman marry again after he divorced his first wife

Bill Ackman is a married man who previously married landscape architect Karen Ann Herskovitz. On July 10, 1994, the couple married. The couple is the parents of three children. The couple split on December 22, 2016, for various reasons.

Bill Ackman wife
Bill Ackman with his current wife Neri Oxman holding her in his hand Source: NewYorkTimes

Bill Ackman married Neri Oxman in 2018 after his divorce. Oxman and Bill married in January 2019 at Manhattan’s Central Synagogue, and their children were born in the spring of 2019. As of now, the couple is living a joyful life free of disruptions. His sexual orientation is heterosexual.

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Bill Ackman house: All about his house Winter Garden

According to city property records, hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman has recently closed on the final of four apartments that comprise his new $22.5 million penthouses off Central Park West. The activist investor and CEO of Pershing Square Capital purchased four separate apartments on the top floor of 6 W. 77th St., across from the Museum of Natural History, from the late author Nancy Friday. According to records, all four apartments closed on the same day, although the last flat recorded separately for $8.9 million.

Ackman also owns the $91.5 million “Winter Garden” penthouse at One57, the second-most expensive property ever sold in New York City, and once stated that he would not sell it for less than $500 million.

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