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Let’s read short wiki about Mauree Turner

Who is Mauree Turner?

Mauree Turner is a progressive candidate running to represent central Oklahoma City in the state House of Representatives, District 88.

In simple words,

Mauree Turner is a prominent female politician from America. Turner is a member of the Party of the Democratic Republic. She ran for the House of Representatives in Oklahoma and won the race, she is the state’s first Muslim legislator. She beat the Republic party’s Kelly Barlean.

Turner went to the general election to defeat her colleague, Jason Dunnington.

Is Mauree practicing Muslim?

In addition to being the country’s highest-ranking non-binary official, Turner is also the first practicing Muslim elected to the Oklahoma state legislature, which blocked an imam from performing the regular prayer of the chamber in 2019.

Turner wins Oklahoma with Bible, but how?

Mauree Turner election winner 2020
Mauree Turner winner from Oklahoma City

Elliot Imse, the communications director of the organization, said Turner ‘s victory was one of many to crack the “rainbow ceiling” on Tuesday. Voters in New York elected the first two gay Black men to Congress, while Sarah McBride became the first transgender state senator in the country in Delaware.

But in the Bible Belt, Turner prevailed, far from the liberal, metropolitan metropolises that have traditionally delivered groundbreaking LGBTQ political firsts.

“Having our first nonbinary state legislator is in itself an enormous win for the community, but it’s especially so given that it is happening in Oklahoma, of all states,” Imse told The Post in an interview. “Having any LGBTQ person elected there is really exciting.”

Although the Victory Fund does not monitor LGBTQ candidates’ religion, Imse said it is also possible that Turner might be the first LGBTQ Muslim elected to the nation’s state legislature.

Turner’s agenda, focusing on topics such as the reform of criminal justice, extension of Medicaid and raising the minimum wage of the state. But also was inspired by listening to their group, but guided by their own struggles living paycheck to paycheck, they said.

What Mauree Turner has to say about her Parents?

Mauree Turner biography

She was born and raised in a family of single-parents. Her dad was imprisoned for years in her family and her mother worked up to three jobs to provide for the family. Also, a multi-religion family was her family.

Baptism was the faith of her mother and Mauree attended the Baptist church during her childhood and even sang in the choir. Her dad was a Moslem. When he was in prison, he transformed his faith. Mauree subsequently followed the faith of her father and became a Muslim. She’s now wearing a hijab.

Education background of Turner?

Mauree went to Ardmore High School for her secondary education and graduated in the year 2011. She eventually went to Oklahoma State University in Stillwater for her higher education. She completed her Bachelor of Science degree in political science and sociology in 2018.

Education of Mauree turner

Long before she completed her schooling, Mauree’s political career had begun. She used to attend political initiatives like LGBTQ+ advocacy conferences, HIV / AIDS awareness drives, etc, even at her younger age.

How Mauree joins Politics?

Mauree had worked with organizations such as the NAACP of Oklahoma, Freedom Oklahoma, before running for the Home. She was also one of CAIR’s (Council of American-Islamic Relations) Oklahoma board members. She advocated for social justice, criminal justice reformation, civil liberty, queer rights, etc.


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