Anne McClain Bio, Divorce, Son, Biography, Net Worth, Case

Anne McClain Bio, Divorce, Son, Biography, Net Worth, Case

Anne McClain, the first lady who is the first all-female spacewalk on 29th March 2019 during Women’s History Month. After 35 years, Anne became the only female who walks in space since 25th July 1994 after Cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya.

Short Biography of Anne McClain,

She is also a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army, an engineer, and a NASA astronaut. Rugby is a top-level of sports in England and McClain is a keen of rugby play, who has also played in Women’s Premiership. And also played for the Women’s Eagles as the United States women’s national rugby union team.

Astronaut Anne back to the earth.

Anne was born in Spokane, Washington on 7th June 1979, and she was raised with her younger brother.

40 years old McClain studied Bachelor of Science in Mechanical/Aeronautical Engineering from West Point. In 2002, Marshall Scholar, McClain earned a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Bath in Bath, England and a Master of Science in International Relations from the University of Bristol in Bristol, England. Lieutenant Colonel McClain, a Senior Army Aviator, has more than 2,000 flight hours in 20 different aircraft. She is a rated pilot for the C-12 Huron (King Air), UH-60 Blackhawk, and UH-72 Lakota and instructor pilot for the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior.

  Summer Worden Divorced Anne McClain after they married for 4 years.

 Anne McClain is 5 feet 6 inches tall married to Summer Worden, who is a former Air Force Intelligence officer in 2014. Mrs. Summer is the alienated wife of astronaut Anne McClain which means Anne and Summer are gay women.  Ms. Worden filed for divorce in 2018 after McClain suspects her of assault, a claim which Worden denies and said was part of McClain’s efforts at gaining custody of her son. The assault case was eventually dismissed. 

Anne Mc.Clain with her wife Summer and son.
Anne Mc.Clain with her wife Summer and son.

Her estranged spouse, Summer, filed a case with the Federal Trade Commission to a US Army lieutenant colonel Anne McClain has been suspected of incorrectly gaining access to Summer Worden’s online bank account using NASA computers, according to the New York Times. 

 The astronaut told the New York Times through a lawyer, that she was merely making sure that the family’s finances were in order and there was enough money to pay bills and care for Ms. Worden’s son – who they had been raising together before the split.

Anne McClain and Summer’s Son

Anne said that she was very younger than her son when she dreamed about being an astronaut at age six someday. Her son is four years old lives with Summer now.

Before she launch into space, they pose for an official photoshoot. She brought her preschool-age son, she said in March 2018.

She tweeted an emotional lines,
“The hardest part about training for space is the 4 yr old I have to leave behind every time I walk out the door,”

What is the Net Worth of Annie McClain?

If we remember, she is a rugby player, a pilot, and astronaut. She must have total sum of money as her net worth is $5 million. Well there are not any earning amounts of astronaut, but they are good sources of income from her career.


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