Who is Summer Worden? Bio, Net Worth, Son, Divorce, Husband

Summer Worden Bio, Net Worth, Son, Divorce, Husband

Summer Worden is a former Air Force Intelligence officer who is living in Kanas. She is the wife of astronaut Anne McClain. Summer has accused McClain of accessing her bank account from space. They married on 2014 but Summer filed divorced case in 2018. let’s read about the relationship status and also about Summer Worden net worth

Summer completed the NSA Cryptologic School with a degree in Strategic Intelligence & Digital Forensics where she also holds an M.B.A. from Rice University.

Summer Worden Divorced with her husband McClain and living with son…

Anne McClain and Summer in a picture before divorce.
Husband Anne with Wife Summer. Credit: Dreshare

Worden filed for divorce in 2018 after she was charged with abuse by McClain. The case of the attack was subsequently rejected and Worden argued that the charges are not true and are part of McClain’s attempts to gain an advantage in the conflict over parenting. The two had been engulfed in an acrimonious fight of separation and involved in a conflict over Worden’s son’s parenting. Worden said the custody case did not set a court date. The divorce case is scheduled for completion in October, but she said her primary concern is her son.

“This is my most fundamental freedom as a parent, I feel like having my child and appreciate raising him and making excellent choices for him, and no one has the right to do that.”

Summer married in 2014 to Anne McClain. Anne McClain is a NASA astronaut who is a West Point graduate who entered the astronaut program in 2013 after flying over 800 hours of fighting in Iraq and remains an army lieutenant colonel.

How much she earned from her professional works ?

Summer Worden net worth
Summer Worden holding her prize. Source: Heavy.com

Summer Worden net worth can be estimated as $2.5 million from her professional life excludes Anne McClain savings, who is an astronaut. McClain’s wife began her university degree shortly after her high school and in 1999 quickly became an Air Force intelligence officer. On this post, the policeman served until 2006. Worden later assigned and worked there from 2000 to 2012 as intelligence activities and financial intelligence analyst.

From 2006 to 2008, Summer also worked as an intelligence operations officer at the National Security Agency. In 2012, the 44-year-old businesswoman introduced a “Filly Intelligence LLC” business. She also works as an agent for real estate. Worden served as the chairman of the Port Blakely Companies ‘ family council.


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