Zheng Saisai Bio, U.S. Open, Silicon Valley, Stats, Awarded, Net Worth

Zheng Saisai Bio, U.S. Open, Silicon Valley, Stats, Awarded, Net Worth

Zheng Saisai, born in Shaanxi, Tibet on February 5, 1994, is a tennis player from China. At the Premier Level Silicon Valley Classic. She earned one WTA singles title and four WTA doubles championships. With her countrywoman Duan Yingying, she also entered the finals of the 2019 French Open in doubles. For her footwork and defense, her nickname is the jaguar. She stands a beautiful height i.e., 5feet and 7 inches, which makes it easy to pass the ball with more speed.

The net worth of Zheng Saisai,
Zheng Saisai with her own blue car from her net worth

She accomplished her career-high World No. Thirty-eight singles ranking on December 31, 2018. The 25 years old Saisai finished in the double lists at No. 15 on July 11, 2016. Her dad is a Tibetan. There’s also a Tibetan name for Saisai, Suodian Zhuoma.

Jessica Pegula and Zheng Saisai both raised their first WTA awards in Washington and San Jose last week and are among the performers in the recent WTA rankings getting boosts.

Zheng in U.S. Open

With her high-octane punching tennis, the American smothered Zheng, wrapping the field with ease and returning all with concern. From the beginning, she bossed the meetings, maintaining the second Zheng serving under continuous stress. Venus was soon awarded as she went down from 40-0 to take a 2-0 lead, then pummeled a winning blast to raise the scoreline to 4-0. Cloud Hosting 

Saisai Zheng vs. Venus Williams | US Open 2019

Zheng, who previously this season raised the award in San Jose, lastly received her name on the scoreboard with a stick to love. In the next match, she placed her Hercules into trying to claw her way, home-keeping two fixed points and battling her way to a couple of split points.

Zheng in Mubadala Silicon Valley Classic tennis tournament in San Jose, Calif., Sunday, August 4, 2019.

China’s Zheng Saisai won her first WTA title at the Mudabala Silicon Valley Classic in San Jose, defeating her in straight games 6-3, 7-6(3). “I performed every game at Stadium Court, and from the first game I heard so many individuals waiting for me, and I was amazed that I felt like I was away from home, practicing in the States.

Saisai Zheng vs. Aryna Sabalenka | 2019 Silicon Valley Classic Final

It turns out there were several Chinese supporters, and even the local individuals began supporting me after my second game. I enjoyed that,” Zheng said. This provides me trust, but I’m still just planning to practice my tennis.” Zheng ranked 55th and playing one more game than Sabalenka to achieve Sunday’s championship, finished three seeded players on the manner to her second professional final and then another for her first win at age 25. Last year she was runner-up at Nanchang.

Career Stats as Single and Double


Tournament 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 W–L
Australian Open A Q1 Q1 1R 2R 1R A 1R 1–4
French Open A Q1 Q2 1R 1R 1R 1R 1R 0–5
Wimbledon Q2 A Q1 1R 1R 1R 2R 1R 1–5
US Open Q3 Q1 2R 1R 2R 2R Q1 1R 3–5
Win–Loss 0–0 0–0 1–1 0–4 2–4 1–4 1–2 0–4 5–19


Tournament 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 W–L
Australian Open A SF 1R 1R SF 3R A 1R 10–6
French Open 2R QF 2R 2R QF QF 1R F 17–8
Wimbledon 1R 2R A 1R 1R A A 3R 3–5
US Open 1R 2R 2R 2R 3R 2R 1R QF 9–8
Win–Loss 1–3 9–4 2–3 2–4 9–4 6–3 0–2 10–4 39–27

Titles and prize money by Zheng SaiSai. What is the total net worth of SaiSai?

Titles made in Single…

2019 Anning 125K Series (CL); San Jose (H);
2018 Zhengzhou 125K Series (H); $60,000 Quanzhou (H); $100,000 Suzhou (H);
2017 $60,000 Quanzhou (H); $100,000+H Anning (CL);
2015 $75,000 Gifu (H); $75,000 Anning (CL); Dalian 125K Series (H);
2014 $50,000 Aning (CL);
2012 $50,000 Kurume (G); $25,000 Taipei (H);
2010 $10,000 Taipei (IH);
2009 $10,000 Shenzhen (H);

Titles made in Double…

2019 Acapulco (H) – w/V. AZARENKA;
2018 $100,000 Contrexeville (CL) – w/A. MESTACH;
2015 $75,000 Anning (CL) – w/Y. XU; Nanchang (H) – w/K. CHANG; Stanford (H) – w/Y. XU; Dalian 125K Series (H) – w/K. ZHANG; Tianjin Open (H) – w/Y. XU;
2014 $75,000 Trnava (CL) – w/S. VOGT;
2012 $25,000 Sanya (H) – w/E. SEMA; $25,000 Phuket (IH) – w/N. LERTCHEEWAKARN; $50,000 Gifu (H) – w/J. PEGULA;
2011 $25,000 Changwon (H) – w/H. CHAN; $100,000+H Ningbo (H) – w/T. LUZHANSKA; Guangzhou (H) – w/S. HSIEH;
2010 $10,000 Hefei (H) – w/R. TIAN;

China’s Zheng Saisai is earning huge amounts from her professional career. She is playing from 2010 and till 2019, her total net worth can be estimated around $5 million.


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