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How To Choose a Wig Color?

It is always nice to try something new. To match your natural wig color, select a color for your wig that complements your skin tone. Most wig styles now come in a wide range of hues, and you can easily find what suits you and the most flattering fit for you. From skin tone to eye color, numerous factors influence which color will appear best. 

In this short guide, we’ll collectively learn how to choose the correct wig colors.

Factors that influence Wig Color Choice

We wear wigs to simply achieve the perfect face with our desired hue without chemically harming the hair. So, why not try with colors other than your natural tone? Our professional design team has created a list of recommendations and vital information to assist you with your wig color selection. 

Before getting into particular wig colors, it’s important that you understand the key aspects that determine your decision. Consider the following important aspects:

1. Skin Tone:

Warm Tones: For warm undertones, earthy tones will do just fine with you and your complexion. This includes tones like browns and warm blondes. Also, think chestnut and caramel colors.

Cool Tones: People with cool undertones can wear ash blondes, cool browns, or even bright hues like blues and purples. Look for cooler hues that don’t conflict with your natural undertones.

2. Personal style:

Classic: For those who love professional yet stylish looks, natural hues like browns and soft blondes are the way to go. These colors have a way of seamlessly blending into a variety of contexts, from casual to official wear.

Bold Statements: Some ladies just love to stand out wherever they are; bold and distinct colors will be a good fit. To show off your individuality, go with pastels, vibrant colors, or even ombre and highlight designs.

3. Occasion and Setting:

Professional situations: Natural and muted hues are frequently used in professional or formal situations. For a sophisticated look, use hues that mirror natural hair colors.

Creative spaces or casual situations: Experimenting with brighter colors is permissible. Feel free to experiment with bright colors and fashionable color schemes.

Choosing the Right Wig Color

Aside from the kind of wig, color, and texture are important factors in attaining a natural look. Consider the following tips:

1. Matching your natural hair color:

Choose a wig color that nearly matches your real hair color. This smooth transition reduces the contrast between the wig and your skin, increasing overall realism. Look for wigs that come in a range of hues to discover your perfect match.

2. Colored Wigs:

Colored wigs are now in vogue – a fashion trend that allows ladies to try out something without committing to permanent coloring which could destroy one’s hair. This will help your wigs look at their best:

a. Ombre and Balayage Techniques:

For a flawless gradient look, master the skill of ombre or balayage coloring. This not only adds depth but also creates a visually appealing and dynamic look. Choose hues that complement each other, resulting in a seamless transition from dark to bright or vice versa.

b. Pastels:

Use pastel and vibrant hues for a lively look. From cotton candy pinks to mermaid blues, the possibilities are endless. Consider your style and the image you want to convey: pastels for a gentle and dreamy appearance, or strong vivids for a confident and edgy vibe.

3. Honey Blonde Wigs:

Honey blonde wigs are a special type of wigs that have a sun-kissed warmth that easily suits a wide range of complexions, including yours. Here’s how to select the right shade for you:

a. Warm vs Cool Honey Blonde:

Warm honey blondes contain golden undertones, which makes them ideal for people with warm complexion tones. Consider hues that resemble honey or amber for a bright shine.

Cool honey blondes on the other hand contain ash or platinum undertones and are great for those with cool complexion tones. Consider hues with sandy or frosty undertones for a classy look.

b. Balancing tones:

Have you considered balancing the depth of the honey-blonde tone? Lighter tones often provide a youthful radiance, but darker shades express a more refined elegance. You should try out different depths until you find out which one suits your style and personality.

4. 613 Wigs

Most hair companies refer to 613 wig as Platinum blonde wigs; this is because they give off a stunning and memorable style. Here’s how to handle this gorgeous color:

a. Select the right Undertone:

613 wigs can have warm, cold, or neutral undertones. For a blended and error-free appearance, your choice should match your skin. Warm undertones complement golden or buttery platinum, whilst chilly undertones suit silver or ash platinum.

b. Rooted and Unrooted Styles:

Rooted 613 wigs imitate natural hair growth for a more genuine appearance. This option is great for achieving a flawless fit between the wig and your natural hairline. Non-rooted styles provide a dramatic and consistent appearance, ideal for people who want a high-contrast aesthetic.

5. HD Lace Wigs: 

HD lace wigs are well-known for their ability to merge smoothly with the scalp, giving them an extraordinarily natural appearance. Here’s how to select the appropriate HD lace wig color:

a. Choose an HD lace wig that closely matches your scalp tone for a seamless and realistic look. When correctly placed, HD lace is translucent and blends in with the skin, creating a beautiful and natural-looking hairline.

b. Gradual Transition: Use an HD lace wig with a gradual transition from lace to hairline. This produces a delicate, natural-looking hairline. The gentle transition reduces the demarcation line, ensuring that the lace blends flawlessly with your skin.

How to Maintain Wig Color 

Keeping the shine of your chosen wig color takes regular care and upkeep. Follow these suggestions for longevity:

  • Use quality shampoo and conditioner. Follow the manufacturer’s care directions precisely.
  • Use color-safe, sulfate-free products to avoid early fading of wig color.
  • Avoid excessive exposure of your wig to sunlight or high temperatures, which might spoil the color over time.
  • Place your wig in a cool and dry place every day. 


Purchasing a wig is thrilling. You can transform your appearance with a simple color change. Furthermore, experimenting with various colors is faster, simpler, and less damaging to your natural hair. When choosing your pick, keep your skin tone, eye color, and personality in mind. When you find your “color,” you’ll discover a more confident version of yourself.

So, dive into the palette, play without fear, and allow your wig color to serve as a way to create your masterpiece. 


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