Who is the love life and partner of Magdalena Eriksson? relationship

Who is the love life and partner of Magdalena Eriksson? relationship

In the world of professional women’s soccer, few stories captivate the heart like that of Pernille Harder and Magdalena Eriksson. Powerhouses on the field, these two athletes share more than just a passion for the sport – they share a life together off the pitch.

 When did Magdalena Eriksson and Pernille Harder’s love story begin?

Magdalena Eriksson with her partner
Magdalena Eriksson with her partner sources Instagram

The attacking midfielder Pernille Harder, hailing from Denmark, and the Swedish center-back Magdalena Eriksson have been in a committed relationship since 2014. Their love story began when they played together at Linkoping in Sweden. Although their individual careers took them to different clubs – Harder moved to Wolfsburg in 2016, and Eriksson joined Chelsea a year later – their bond remained strong.

When did the relationship between Magdalena Eriksson and Pernille Harder come to light?

Their relationship, however, was brought into the limelight during the 2019 World Cup. After a Sweden game, the couple shared a kiss that was captured by cameras and quickly went viral. The attention led them to embrace their roles as LGBTQ+ community ambassadors and icons.

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“It made us realize that we are role models, not just in football but in other ways,” Harder said in an interview when asked about being labeled a ‘power couple.’ “It is something we have accepted because we know we are lucky to feel safe and relaxed being in a relationship that is public knowledge.”

Harder and Eriksson ‘Power Couple’

Harder and Eriksson often share glimpses of their life together on Instagram, receiving an outpouring of support from fans who appreciate their openness and advocacy. They also work for the nonprofit charitable movement Common Goal, pledging to donate 1% of their wages to address social concerns in soccer.

Harder and Eriksson
Harder and Eriksson sources Instagram

In terms of their professional careers, both players boast impressive records. Harder began her career with Team Viborg in 2007 and made significant strides with the Danish football club Skovbakken in 2010. 

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After stints with Linkoping and VFL Wolfsburg, she signed a three-year contract with Chelsea in September 2020. She has led Wolfsburg to four Bundesliga titles and achieved remarkable success with Chelsea, including three FA Women’s Super League titles and Women’s FA Cups. Recently, she signed a three-year contract with Bayern Munich.

Eriksson career

Eriksson started her career with Enskede IK in Stockholm and later joined Hammarby IF in 2009. She played for Djurgardens IF and Linkoping FC before signing a two-year contract with Women’s Super League team Chelsea in July 2017. During her six years with the club, Eriksson won multiple titles, including 5 WSL titles, four Women’s FA Cups, two FA Women’s League Cups, and one FA Community Shield.

Pernille Harder and Magdalena Eriksson are more than just a power couple in women’s football. They are advocates, role models, and trailblazers who use their platform to make a difference.


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