Who is Michiel Huisman's love life and wife? Daughter

Who is Michiel Huisman’s love life and wife? Daughter

Michiel Huisman, a Dutch actor known for his role as Daario Naharis in the hit series “Game of Thrones,” has not only won hearts on screen but also off-screen with his sweet family life. He is a proud father and a loving husband to Tara Elders, his wife of over a decade.

How long had they been dating when he met his sweetheart?

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Michiel Huisman has spent more than 12 years with his long-time partner, Tara Elders. The couple first met on the set of the 2003 movie “Phileine Says Sorry” and walked down the aisle five years later. Elders, a well-known Dutch movie star, has appeared in several high-performing movies such as “Interview,” “Sextet,” and the 2008 film “Het wapen van Geldrop.”

Who is Michiel Huisman’s wife Tara Elders? When they married?

Michiel Huisman and Elders tied the knot in 2008, after five years of dating. Unlike many Hollywood couples, they’ve managed to keep their relationship relatively private, providing only occasional glimpses into their life together.

Michiel Huisman's wife Tara Elders
Michiel Huisman’s wife Tara Elders sources facebook

Their love story is one of mutual respect and shared passion for the arts. They’ve navigated the challenges of the entertainment industry together, supporting each other through every high and low.

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When was the couple blessed with their children? daughter

Beyond his successful acting career, Michiel Huisman is also a devoted father. He shares a daughter, Hazel, born in 2007, with Elders. Huisman often gives fans a glimpse of his affectionate side as a father through his Instagram posts. He once shared an exciting post to celebrate Hazel’s birthday, expressing disbelief at how quickly she was growing up.

Michiel Huisman’s off-screen life may not be as dramatic as his “Game of Thrones” character’s, but it is certainly just as compelling. His enduring love story with Tara Elders and their shared devotion to their daughter is a testament to the actor’s ability to balance a successful career with a fulfilling personal life.

Huisman’s Career

With a career spanning over a decade, Huisman has featured in several successful movies and TV shows. Besides his role in “Game of Thrones,” he has acted in Dutch films such as “Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden,” the longest soap opera ever on Dutch television. He also clinched the lead role in “The Age of Adaline” and was cast as the lead in “The Ottoman Lieutenant.”

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His breakthrough came in 2006 when he guest-starred in an episode of the British television series “Dalziel and Pascoe.” He has also acted in films such as “The Young Victoria,” “World War Z,” “Wild in 2014,” and “The Invitation.”

In addition to his acting career, Huisman was a key member of the music group Fontane. The band sang and composed popular songs featured as soundtracks for various films.


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