Who is Bae Doona's boyfriend? Is she in a romantic relationship?

Who is Bae Doona’s boyfriend? Is she in a romantic relationship?

Bae Doona, the acclaimed South Korean actress known for her roles in both Hollywood and K-drama series, has a romantic history that is as intriguing as her diverse acting portfolio. From dating Hollywood stars to rumored romances with co-stars, let’s delve into Bae Doona’s love life.

Why Did Jim Sturgess and Bae Doona’s Relationship End Due to LDR Issues?

South Korean actress Bae Doona
South Korean actress Bae Doona sources Instagram

Bae Doona’s most notable relationship was with British actor and singer, Jim Sturgess. The couple first crossed paths on the set of the 2012 sci-fi film “Cloud Atlas,” where they starred alongside Hollywood A-listers such as Tom Hanks and Halle Berry.

 English actor and singer-songwriter Jim Sturgess
 English actor and singer-songwriter Jim Sturgess sources Instagram

Although there were initial rumors about their relationship, it was only in 2015 that Bae Doona confirmed they had been secretly dating for two years. The couple made their red carpet debut at the 2014 Cannes International Film Festival, captivating fans with their chemistry.

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However, their relationship hit a crossroad, and they decided to split a year after their public confirmation. While the exact reason for their breakup was kept private, Sturgess hinted that distance was a significant factor, stating, “Bouncing between continents makes it hard to maintain a relationship.”

Rumored Romance Between Bae Doona and “Sense 8” Co-Star Son Seok Ku

Following her split with Sturgess, Bae Doona was linked to her “Sense 8” co-star, Son Seok Ku. Reports suggested that the two grew close due to Bae Doona’s generosity in giving acting tips to the rising star. Additionally, they allegedly shared quotes and photos of each other, further fueling the rumors.

Bae Doona and "Sense 8" Co-Star Son Seok Ku
Bae Doona and “Sense 8” Co-Star Son Seok Ku sources Instagram

Despite the speculation, She strongly denied the rumors. Her agency, SBD, dismissed the rumors as baseless, emphasizing that the two actors merely appeared in the same work.

Son Seok Ku’s relationship with Bae Doona is denied

Since the rumors with Son Seok Ku, Bae Doona has kept her love life private. Currently, she is focused on her career, starring in the Netflix series “The Silent Sea” with Gong Yoo and Lee Joon.

Bae Doona’s romantic journey has been as diverse as her acting roles. From her relationship with Jim Sturgess to rumored romances with co-stars, her love life has intrigued fans as much as her performances on screen.


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