Who is Mattie Rogers husband? How did they meet? divorce

Who is Mattie Rogers husband? How did they meet? divorce

Mattie Rogers is one of the most renowned athletes in the world. She is an American athlete and Olympic weightlifter. She has several world records on her name. She is a four-time silver medalist in the World Weightlifting Championships (2017, 2019, 2021, 2022). Furthermore, she also bagged gold in the Pan American Championships in 2021 & 2022. In addition, she also competed in the Toky Summer Olympics 2020. She participates in the IWF World Weightlifting Championships in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In today content, we’ll talk about Mattie Rogers husband, engagement, married life and many other facts.

Who is Mattie Rogers Husband? married

In just 6 years, she has won 11 medals in the weightlifting championship. She has made a huge name in her professional career. Many of her fans are curious about her personal life. Sorry, guys, she is not single. she married her long-term boyfriend Sean McCormick, and currently, she is really living a pleasing life with her husband.

The duo is celebrating their wedding in Iceland on 28 Sep 2021. They have traveled all around the world. However, they chose the country hills of Iceland to start their new life. They have shared strong connections and bonds with each other. And it also has been seen through their social media accounts.

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Who is Seam McCormick? How did he meet Mattie?

Seam McMormick is a vocalist, guitarist & DJ in the United States. Mattie met Seam at a DJ Night party club in Florida. She went to a discotheque to celebrate her winning championships with friends.

Matt Rogers husband Seam McCormick
Seam McCormick preparing for the show

At the party, Seam offers a drink to Rogers and asks for friendship, They become friends. And after knowing each other, they started dating in 2019.

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When Mattie Rogers gets proposed by Seam McCormick? engagement?

The loving duo went on a holiday trip to Chicago. During their trip, Sam proposed being a part of life to Matt Rogers. On Sep 17, 2021, she was proposed to on the beach, and Rogers got emotional he mentioned on her Instagram:

WE GET MARRIED IN 7 DAYS! One week till @seansomethingsomething laughs at me while I probably cry 97 times because processing emotions is hard. We got engaged YEARS AGO now & after canceling/postponing/replanning our entire elopement because of COVID last year, it’s finally happening. I won’t celebrate until we’re physically landing there because I still feel like a lot has to happen for us to actually GET THERE, but it’s about fuckin time. Just us, no one is invited, hiking around Iceland for a week 🥺 Could not have created a better & more fitting “wedding” day than that.

If you have any MUST SEE MUST DO’s in Iceland, drop em below. We’re stickin to the south & west coast mainly, but we’re down for WHATEVER. Gonna be training a little, but lucky for us it’s my back off week, so it’ll be real quick little sessions. Eggs abroad ONCE MORE!

Why did Mattie Rogers announce divorce with Seam McCormick?

Mattie Rogers posted a bye to her husband on her story
Image – REDDIT

As we earlier, Mattie Rogers has had an outstanding life with her husband Seam McCormick. They both are happy in their relationship. But things didn’t do anything good between the couple. As per some sources, the American athlete and weightlifter announced her divorce from Seam McCormick. Her fans are saddened by the decisions. They do not know why the couple took off their relationship. Some sources also claim it may be only the rumors. More details to come soon.