Who is Jonathan Taylor partner? Are they married? parents

Who is Jonathan Taylor partner? Are they married? parents

Jonathan Taylor is one of the prominent names in the world of NFL. Currently, he plays as a running back for Indiana Polis Colts. He started his NFL career in 2020. Before becoming a professional, he played at Salem High School and Wisconsin Badgers football teams (2017-19). In addition, he also won several awards for his performance. Currently, he is out of the game due to a severe injury. He was put in the PUP (Physically Unable to Perform) by his team. Apart from his career, he is a married man. Today in this topic, we’ll talk about Jonathan Taylor wife, how he get engaged and other details.

Jonathan Taylor’s Relationship with Ayanna Chapman

Jonathan Taylor fell in love with Ayanna Chapman; when he was at Salem High School. Ayanna first faces Jonathan during the basketball game between their team.

The loving duo started dating in 2015. After getting to know each other properly, the loving pair announced their engagement via social media in March 2022.

While proposing, Jonathan is down on his knees, and two hearts are seen behind him. Ayanna did not know that her boyfriend was going to propose to her. After seeing Taylor bow down, she covered her mouth with her left hand.

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When did the beauty beaus celebrate their wedding?

After a very short time of their engagement, the beautiful couple celebrated their wedding on March 16, 2023. They celebrated their marriage in the presence of some close friends and relatives.

During the wedding, the bride and groom look very stunning. Ayanna wore white gown with flower stripped gown, whereas Jonathan Taylor had a blue velvet shoot. After celebrating his wedding, Jonathan posted about Ayanna

Jonathan Taylor wife Ayanna Chapman
Jonathan Taylor wife Ayanna Chapman
Image – Pinterest

“An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels.”

They are both at the peak of their career. Therefore, they didn’t plan to start a family life.

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What is the profession of Ayanna Chapman? parents

Ayanna Chapman is much like her husband, from an athletic background. During high school, she played as a midfielder for her hockey team. Not only in hockey, she also excels in basketball and track. She is not only the sportsperson in her family. Her sister Kayna is also passionate about the sports.

Ayana Chapman played Hockey for Salem H. School
Ayana Chapman played Hockey for Salem H. School

After finishing her high school, she joined Ball State University for her higher studies. She received a degree specializing in “Political Science”.

She also played hockey at the University. As per the records, she had an impressive 12-2 record in her last year. Her efforts were outstanding in securing the Tri-County Conference championship for the team.

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More info about her early life & parents

Ayanna Chapman was born in New Jersey. Her date of birth was Feb 17, 1999. She grew up along with her 3 siblings. Her parents are Eddie and Lydia Chapman.

Ayanna’s father, Eddie, worked as a Marine. Her workplace was Delaware River Port Authority as an officer. He quit the job in 2016. Similarly, her mother was also successful in her job. She was a senior employee at Camden Fire Department.


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