Who is Carlos De Oliveira from Florida? Conspired with Trump to remove security footage!!

Who is Carlos De Oliveira from Florida? Conspired with Trump to remove security footage!!

First appearing in court on Monday, Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate manager did not enter a plea because he has not yet retained a Florida-based attorney to represent him in the secret materials lawsuit against the former president. The Mar-a-Lago estate manager’s lack of legal representation prompted the court to grant him additional time to secure a Florida-based attorney. The lawsuit, which involves classified documents, highlights the urgency for him to find suitable legal counsel to navigate the complex legal proceedings. Who is Carlos DeOliveira and why did he appear in court? 

Who is Carlos De Oliveira and how is he related to the Trump case?

The Palm Beach Gardens home owner confirmed to WPTV that Carlos De Oliveira is a tenant. He claimed to recognize him as a longstanding employee of Mar-a-Lago.

Carlos De Oliveira florida accused

Carlos De Oliveira with the Security Officers.

CBS News

De Oliveira was a quiet, pleasant neighbor, according to his other golfing residents.

“I can’t even think how he could be involved,” said resident Raymond Brion, who said he lives next to De Oliveira. “I couldn’t even imagine what they’ve got on him. I mean, he’s not a crook.”

Neighbors said they believed they saw undercover officers in the area a few months ago.

In June, Trump entered a not guilty plea and continued to insist he did nothing wrong. Last week, he announced on his Truth Social platform that he had been told the Mar-a-Lago surveillance tapes had not been “deleted in any way, shape, or form” and had been voluntarily turned over to authorities.

Clip from Mar-a-LagoProsecutors claimed that Lago was crucial to the government’s case because it showed Nauta moving boxes into and out of a storage room at Trump’s instruction, ostensibly in an effort to hide records from both investigators and Trump’s own lawyers.

Why is De Oliveira accused from Florida?

Investigators looking into the former president’s stockpiling of confidential materials at his Palm Beach, Florida, club say that Carlos De Oliveira conspired with Trump to remove security footage they need.

The indictment states that in June of last year, De Oliveira and Nauta were seen on surveillance cameras at Mar-A-Lago transporting roughly 30 boxes of documents.

De Oliveira allegedly told Mar-A-Lago’s IT director that “the boss” wanted all surveillance footage stored on resort servers to be erased.

Nauta claims that with the help of De Oliveira, he was able to pack Trump and his family into a plane and take them “north for the summer.”

Also, in October of last year, de Oliveira is said to have drained the resort’s pool, which flooded the area housing the computers housing the CCTV footage.

The Mar-a-Lago property manager is also being investigated for allegedly lying to the FBI about his involvement with the documents.


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