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When did Canelo álvarez marry his wife? net worth

Canelo Alvarez is one of the best fighters in the world, pound for pound. He currently has a 53-1 win-loss record. He is the youngest of seven brothers, all of whom went on to become boxers. Due “Canelo” means “red” in Spanish, he got his nickname because of his hair. His hair is red, which is unusual for a Mexican. He was spectacular as an amateur boxer when he was just 15 years old, capturing the gold medal at the Mexican Junior Championships. It didn’t take long for Alvarez to get attention after turning pro, thanks to his precision and timing. To learn more about Canelo Alvarez wife , continue reading…

When did Canelo álvarez tie the knot with his wife?

On May 15, 2021, Canelo álvarez married his long-time girlfriend. Alvarez married Fernanda Gómez, his lifelong lover, in a ceremony at the Guadalajara Cathedral in Guadalajara, Mexico, in May 2021.

Canelo Alvarez is with his wife sources:Instagram

How did Canelo Alvarez meet his wife Fernanda Gómez?

Canelo Alvarez met his future wife Fernanda Gómez at the OMB charity dinner in 2016. They got in touch and started seeing each other after that. Their relationship, however, was not steady for the first several years, and the pair divorced in 2017. Canelo Alvarez and his wife, on the other hand, reconciled in 2018. Maria, the couple’s daughter, was born to them. Unlike Canelo’s past relationships, there is relatively little information about Fernanda’s.

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Fernanda Gomez has appeared alongside Canelo Alvarez on various occasions and was also present at the ringside when Canelo battled Gennady Golovkin in a titanic fight. She’s been a part of some of Alvarez’s best performances and continues to be a strong supporter of his fighting career.

Who is Canelo Álvarez ‘Wife, Fernanda Gomez?

On June 22, 1996, Fernanda Gomez was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. She is a well-known Chilean social media personality, influencer, model, and entrepreneur with over 1 million Instagram followers. Fernanda rose to prominence after marrying Mexican boxer Canelo Alvarez. Fernanda is a wealthy businesswoman who operates nail salons and stores in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Why is he so famous?

Canelo Alvarez has a reputation for turning professional at an early age. He was knocking around opponents far older than himself, even though he was still young. When he was younger, this made him one of the most feared boxers in history. Manny Pacquiao was set to fight him, but Pacquiao opted out. He’s fought boxing legends like Miguel Cotto, Floyd Mayweather, Sugar Shane Mosley, and Amir Khan so far.

Carlos Baldomir was the first boxer to be knock out by him. He had already won the welterweight and middleweight titles at the time. He did, however, lose a key fight to Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. However, there is no shame in losing to a boxer like Mayweather. Mayweather is without a doubt the best pound-for-pound boxer on the planet. Despite Canelo’s pleadings, he was never given a rematch.

Mayweather, in fact, rarely agrees to rematches. He dominated the fight in his opinion, and most media sites reported that he landed more punches than Alvarez. Mayweather’s notoriety helped him earn an estimated $41 million for the bout, compared to Alvarez’s estimated $5 million. Mayweather was declare the winner by a unanimous decision. Even though most people expected Mayweather would win all 12 rounds, one judge ruled the fight a draw. In a not-so-surprising turn of events, that judge resigned shortly after the incident.

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After his loss to Mayweather, Alvarez was motivate to show that he would come back stronger and better than before. When he was able to defeat Miguel Cotto and Amir Khan, he confirmed his case. Cotto even requested that both fighters compete at 155 pounds, which Alvarez agreed to. Cotto was no match for Alvarez’s devastating counter punches in the end. He was declare the winner by unanimous decision, and HBO stated that the fight drew over 900,000 PPV sales.

What made him so Successful?

Canelo Alvarez works hard every day in the gym. He is addict to making his body faster, stronger, and more successful in the ring, and he seldom skips a training session. His personal trainer, Eddy Reynoso, has the task of flawlessly preparing him for his battles. He has him follow various diets and training regimens in order to advance to higher levels. Alvarez is now a four-division champion as a result of this method.

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His training is rigorous and not suitable for amateur boxers. He performs ridiculous drills and conditioning that no ordinary human could perform, especially in the quantities that Canelo does. He draws motivation from his family and battles with them in mind. In Mexico, boxers have a very popular culture, and Canelo trained with the great Mexican fighters in mind, such as Julio César Chávez and Oscar De La Hoya, on his way up.

Of course, once you reach the summit, everything changes. Alvarez is the father of three children, all of whom were born to him by three different women. He had a relationship with a former Miss Mexico. He also runs a company named Canelo Promotions in Mexico. More than 40 local boxers are now manage by the promotion in the country. His trainer Eddy and son Chepo Reynoso, believe it or not, are his business partners. The company began operations in 2010 and is still going strong today.

How much is the net worth of Mexican boxer Canelo?

Canelo Alvarez struck gold when he agreed to a $365 million agreement with DAZN to have his next ten fights broadcast on their network. Alvarez’s current net worth is $130 million, thanks to contracts and numerous brand sponsorships. When Alvarez fought Gennady Golovkin, he made the most money in a single fight. He made an estimated $40 million from only one bout. Because the first battle was decide by a split decision, it proved nothing. Both boxers refused to give up and believed they had won the fight.

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It set up a rematch, which Alvarez won again for a massive paycheck. He earned extra $30 million from the battle. It was again another contentious bout for both boxers, with Alvarez winning a split decision. Two judges gave it to Alvarez in a close decision, while the third judge gave it to Golovkin. This bout could have gone either way, but neither competitor can deny that they gave it their best. That bout was broadcast on ESPN, and it reportedly gross $90 million in PPV sales.

Canelo Alvarez is with his awards sources:Instagram

When both competitors genuinely want to face each other, rematches are always exciting. The build-up worked, and a large number of people tuned in to watch it. Alvarez declared victory for his hometown after the bout. Despite the fact that some said he didn’t deserve to win, he remained confident in his victory. He also praised his opponent and stated that a third bout would be fine with him, and that he was open to a rematch. Nonetheless, the final result appeared to be a foregone conclusion. The lone point of contention was Alvarez’s six-month suspension after testing positive for a banned drug.

Best boxers in the world Canelo Alvarez Cars

In his garage, Alvarez has an £8.3 million automobile collection. He also posts pictures of these high-end automobiles on social media.

Mercedez SLS AMG is Canelo’s favorite among them. He has a black series worth £165,000 that he owns. Similarly, in 2020, he paid £2.3 million for the Bugatti Chiron, the world’s fastest road automobile. This car has a top speed of 261 mph and can reach 60 mph in 2.4 seconds.

Rolls Royce is another high-end vehicle in his collection. He has a £2,37,000 Rolls Royce Ghost. Canelo also has a Nissan GTR dubbed Godzilla, which costs $1.2 million and is only available in Mexico. At his 24th birthday party, he showed off the automobile.


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