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Top 5 Websites to Check Coin Values

One of the biggest challenges for coin collectors is determining the actual value of their specimens. Not to fret! With the resources readily available online, you can search for them in no time.

Luckily, several websites specialize in providing up-to-date pricing information for various coins. In this article, we will explore the top five best websites for coin values and why they stand out among the rest.

WebsiteSpecial FeaturesBest For
Coin Value List30 years’ experience, free valuation, user-friendlyBeginners in coin trading and collecting
NGC CoinCoin grading, educational contentNovice to experienced numismatists
PCGS CoinFactsCurrent coin values, detailed photos, data tablesPrecise, up-to-date coin value seekers
Newman Numismatic PortalFocus on US coins, research resources, digital libraryAcademic numismatic research
Heritage AuctionsLarge auction records, market trend insightsMarket trend analysis in coin trading

1. Coin Value List

Top of the list is the Coin Value List. With 30 years of guiding coin values, this premium platform offers the latest price and market trends. Evident in its name, the listing down the value of different coin series is this site’s bread and butter.


  • Latest prices and trends
  • Comprehensive value guides
  • User-friendly interface
  • Detailed guidance
  • Free resources


  • Limited detailed grading information

It’s a one-stop guide to everything there is to know about coin values. With its long list of different value guides and free coin valuation, you will have all the resources to know how much your coin is!

Most of the guides in the Coin Value List can be divided into:

  • History
  • Coin’s Design Features
  • The Coin’s Value (Divided by the Mint Location)
  • Auction Records
  • Error Coin Value

Along with that is a very beginner-friendly and optimal interface. In which you can browse the coin’s value via their denomination. This sectioned web design allows you to find and scroll through countless value lists without any trouble.

The guides are easily understood through tables and the proper bold and italic emphasis. The articles not only feature the coin’s value but also the context and market trends behind it. Also, the guides list the notable auction records that showcase how high a coin’s value can go.

All of that without any fee! You can enjoy the services from the Coin Value List for free. So, if you’re a beginner in trading and collecting coins, you can delve into it without losing any penny.

2. NGC Coin

The Numismatic Guaranty Company is a grading organization. If you’re familiar with coin grading, it’s one of the top companies you can go to for certifying your coin. 


  • Renowned grading authority
  • Rich educational materials
  • Detailed value summaries
  • Grading and certification guidance


  • Lacks historical and market trend analysis

From novice hobbyists to experienced numismatists, this site offers a wealth of educational materials to enhance knowledge about coin collecting.

That said, they also offer census and estimated coin value summaries. You can easily see the different prices with coherency through tables and graphs. The coin’s value is divided by the coin’s grading.

However, many of the coin series lack the history and market trends that affect the coin’s prices. Although some offer a quick and short summary, it does not exist for most of the coins.

Along with these, NGC provides detailed information on coin grading standards. It offers guidance on submitting coins for certification and helps individuals locate certified dealers.

3. PCGS CoinFacts

The Professional Coin Grading Service is another organization that deals with the process of coin grading. However, this is not the only service it offers. Under the PCGS CoinFacts, collectors can access precise and up-to-date coin values.


  • Accurate coin value information
  • Extensive coin data
  • Mobile-responsive site


  • Not ideal for quick valuations

Selecting your desired coin, you will be taken to the overview of that specific coin type. You can do this by typing the year, denomination, and coin designation.

With PCGS, you will find estimated prices, auction records, and information. You will also have access to high-quality photographs of each type and subtype of the coin.

However, their value site lacks the causes of the coin’s value due to market trends or history, much like NGC. With that, it can lack some context. However, it showcases a well-defined data table in which you can see the census and estimated price of the coin,

Users can also stay informed about industry updates and view auction results through this well-designed, mobile-responsive website. With over 30 years of experience, PCGS is widely recognized as a leader in the field, making an essential resource for collectors and an invaluable site to bookmark.

4. Newman Numismatic Portal 

The Washington University in St. Louis features The Newman Numismatic Portal. This organization was born and thriving due to Eric P. Newman. The website focuses mainly on US coinage and its history.


  • Focus on U.S. coin history
  • Academic research resources
  • Extensive digital library


  • More academic-focused

If you’re a new collector, you can start by visiting the Encyclopedia section and selecting a specific category of coins to explore. In it, you can find different sections where you can find the coin’s value via their denomination. The site uses the CPG value, dividing the value table via the coin’s grading.

Their main goal is to be the go-to source for all things related to numismatic research and reference material. So, if you want a more academic approach to knowing your coin value, this site is for you. Furthermore, approximately 100,000 digital books are available about coins and numismatics.

5. Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions from Dallas, Texas, holds the title of the world’s largest auction house for collectible coins and currency for almost half a century. If you want to know a coin’s highest value, you must check out this site.


  • Largest auction house
  • Market trend insights
  • High-value coin records
  • Trading and selling support


  • Commission fees
  • Lack of detailed valuation guides

With its large volume of records, you will know what coin series and designation has a higher price. The site is not much of a place for data tables but rather an excellent look into the market trends in coin trading and auctions.

With websites from auction houses like Heritage Auctions, you’ll have more ideas on how much a coin can sell. It also showcases incredible detail on the coin’s features. So, you’ll know what elements are sought-after and sell well.

It will also help you trade and sell valuable coin collections. That said, the site has a commission for every coin sold. But, if you lack a connection to any auction houses or a way to sell or buy coins, this can be a great start.


With these five websites, you can now choose which is the best website for coin value for you. Whether it be for beginners or more academic research of numismatics, there is a website here for you. Begin your coin trading journey with these Top 5 Coin Value Sites!


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