Who is late journalist Wendy Rieger ex-husband Sol Levine? husband, net worth, cause of death

Who is late journalist Wendy Rieger ex-husband Sol Levine? husband, net worth, cause of death

Wendy Bell Rieger was an American journalist and actress. She was known for her work as an anchor person for WRC-TV. Rieger is also known for founding Going Green, an online publication. Rieger received numerous awards during her career, including one Emmy Award for a report on the Vietnam War and an award from Washingtonian magazine. Sadly, she passed away from brain cancer in April 2022. Scroll down to know more details about Wendy Rieger husband, divorce, cause of death, and many more.

At the time of her death, who was the husband of American journalist Wendy Rieger? Children

At the time of her passing, her husband was Dan Buckley, a retired NBC4 photographer. They got married in 2021. Wendy Rieger husband Dan Buckley was a photographer at NBC4, presumably for many years before his retirement.

Information regarding Rieger’s children hasn’t been made public because she maintained a pretty secluded personal life. Wendy enjoys being present and keeping things private in her personal life. 

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Who is Wendy Rieger ex-husband Sol Levine? Why did the couple split up?

Wendy Rieger ex-husband: Wendy was formerly married to Sol Levine, a CNN producer, before marrying WRC-TV news photographer Dan Buckley in 2021. Rieger’s first marriage was with Sol Levine which ended in divorce. According to  sources 4iz4, Wendy Rieger was married to Sol Levine in the month of September in 1993.

Levine was a former CNN, NBC News, and ABC News producer. He was a senior director as well. He and Wendy split amicably after a bad marriage.

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There is no additional information available regarding her marital life or personal relationships due to her privacy. Also unknown is the cause for her divorce; she maintained her secrecy.

How much is Wendy Rieger net worth and earnings at the time of her death? How does she make her money?

Wendy Rieger, the beloved news anchor of Washington’s NBC4, sadly passed away on April 16, 2022, after a courageous battle with brain cancer. The exact figures of her net worth and earnings remain unknown. According to some sources,Wendy Rieger net worth was estimated to be around $1 million.

Wendy Rieger with her pet
Wendy Rieger with her pet sources washington post

Rieger had a distinguished career spanning over three decades, working for prestigious outlets like WTOP and NBC4. Her tenure and experience likely commanded a significant salary, especially in her latter years.

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Her Emmy Award win and recognition from Washingtonian magazine suggest a high level of professionalism and dedication, potentially translating to higher compensation.Though she retired before her passing, Rieger might have received retirement benefits or severance packages from NBC4, contributing to her overall financial state.

When and how did Wendy Rieger, an American journalist, die? What was her cause of death?

Wendy Rieger, who co-anchored the popular 5 p.m. newscast on Washington’s NBC station WRC (Channel 4) for more than 20 years. Wendy Rieger, longtime anchor for NBC4 in Washington, D.C., died April 16 from an aggressive brain cancer. She was 65. She died on April 16, 2022, two days before her 66th birthday. The cause of her death was glioblastoma, and follows a procedure last year to remove a cancerous tumor from her brain.

In October 2020, Rieger underwent open-heart surgery to repair a faulty mitral valve. The following April, she began feeling unwell, and was forced to miss the funeral of former colleague Joe Krebs. A month later, she was diagnosed with glioblastoma.

The news station shared that Rieger had died at a hospice facility in Montgomery County after being diagnosed with glioblastoma, a type of cancer-causing tumor that grows rapidly in the brain, last year.


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