American-Australian advocate Virginia Louise Giuffre net worth, husband

American-Australian advocate Virginia Louise Giuffre net worth, husband

Virginia Louise Giuffre is an advocate for sex trafficking victims who is both American and Australian. She is one of the most visible and outspoken survivors of the sex trafficking network run by Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender, and financier, with Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew, Duke of York. She founded the non-profit Victims Refuse Silence in 2015 and has been widely featured in interviews with American and British media, allegedly describing her alleged experiences of being trafficked by Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell to individuals such as Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz, and Jean-Luc Brunel. Scroll down to get all the fascinating information regarding Virginia Roberts Giuffre net worth, salary, allegations, family, husband, age, and many more:

Virginia Louise Giuffre net worth, earnings, income, salary and all the ways he makes her fortune

Virginia Louise Giuffre net worth
The advocate Virginia Louise at her home with her pet Source: Instagram

As a result of her successful advocacy career, she is claimed to have amassed a large fortune. Virginia rose to prominence as a result of her remarkable initiatives and lobbying skills. Her income has been hidden until now, but an advocate’s average annual salary in the United States is $86,611. Virginia Louise Giuffre net worth is more than $2 million dollars. Giuffre has filed criminal and civil lawsuits against Epstein and Maxwell, as well as making direct public appeals for justice and knowledge.

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Virginia Roberts Giuffre claims she was abused in New York City after being recruited by socialite Ghislaine Maxwell as part of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking operation for powerful men. After paying out US$121 million to 138 victims of Epstein, the compensation fund for Epstein victims has come to an end. Virginia Louise Giuffre net worth is in good shape as she is living the high life with her husband and their three children in Ocean Reef, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia.

Who is Virginia Louise Giuffre husband Robert Giuffre? How many kids the couple have??

Virginia Louise Giuffre husband
Virginia with her husband Robert Gioffre Source: Instagram

Robert Gioffre is Virginia Louise Giuffre husband. She seems very secretive regarding her personal life. There is no information regarding her husband. They have been married since 2002. Giuffre lived in the Glenning Valley area of New South Wales’ Central Coast in Australia for 11 years after marrying Robert in 2002. In November 2013, the family moved to the United States and remained for several years, first in Florida and then in Colorado in 2015. Giuffre lived in Cairns, Australia, with her husband Robert and their three children: two sons and one girl, according to reports from 2019. She and her family relocated to Ocean Reef, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia, in 2020.

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A short bio: She was molested at the age of seven. Her age, parents

Virginia Giuffre was born on August 9, 1983, in Sacramento, California. Sky and Lynn Roberts are her parents. When she was four years old, her family moved to Loxahatchee, in Palm Beach County, Florida. Giuffre has a younger brother named Giuffre. She was said to have been hailed from a “troubled environment” and had been molested by a close family friend since she was seven years old. “I went from being in an abusive situation to being a runaway, to staying in foster homes,” Giuffre told the Miami Herald. At the age of 13, she was living on the streets before being exploited by Ron Eppinger, a 65-year-old sex trafficker in Miami. For around 6 months, Giuffre resided with Eppinger.

 For around 6 months, Giuffre resided with Eppinger. Eppinger allegedly controlled the modeling firm “Perfect 10” as a front for international sex trafficking. He was arrested and charged with alien smuggling for prostitution, interstate travel for prostitution, and money laundering by the FBI.

Giuffre reconciled with her father at the age of 14 and returned to live with him. Her father worked as a maintenance manager at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort and assisted Giuffre in getting a position there.

In federal court, Prince Andrew was accused of sexual assault.

Giuffre claimed in a December 2014 Florida court filing that she was trafficked to Prince Andrew, Duke of York, at least three times when she was 17 in 2001. She claims that Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell took her to Tramp nightclub in London, where she met and danced with Prince Andrew, and that later that night, while en route to Maxwell, she was trafficked to Prince Andrew, Duke of York. Since 2011, a photograph of Giuffre, Prince Andrew, and Maxwell in Ghislaine’s residence has gone viral. In July 2011, Prince Andrew’s position as trade envoy was terminated, and he reportedly severed all relations with Epstein.

Giuffre alleged in court filings that one of her sexual encounters with Prince Andrew took place on the private island of Little Saint James (Virgin Islands) and involved her, many teenage girls from Eastern Europe, the Prince, and Jeffrey Epstein himself. “Any accusation of misconduct with underage youngsters is totally untrue,” Buckingham Palace announced in 2015, later repeating the denials. Requests for a statement under oath from the Duke about the claims from Giuffre’s lawyers went unanswered.

Giuffre filed a lawsuit against Prince Andrew in August 2021, accusing him of “sexual assault and malicious infliction of emotional distress,” and seeking unspecified damages.

Why Virginia filed a criminal and civil lawsuit against Epstein and Maxwell?

Giuffre has filed criminal and civil lawsuits against Epstein and Maxwell, as well as making direct public appeals for justice and knowledge. In 2015, she filed a defamation lawsuit against Maxwell, and the matter was settled in Giuffre’s favor in 2017 for an undisclosed price. The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ordered the unsealing of records from Giuffre’s previous civil complaint against Maxwell on July 2, 2019. On August 9, 2019, the first batch of documents from Giuffre’s lawsuit was made public, further incriminating Epstein, Maxwell, and a number of his acquaintances. Epstein was found dead in his Manhattan prison cell the next day, on August 10, 2019.

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Has Virginia Roberts commented on Epstein’s death?

Giuffre, who now lives in Australia with her husband and three children, believes the victims of the paedo deserve justice. “The reckoning of accountability began by the voices of brave and true victims should not finish with Jeffrey Epstein’s cruel and sad suicide,” her lawyer Sigrid McCawley said in a statement to The Courier-Mail.

“The fact that Epstein took his own life within 24 hours of the unsealing of detailed and devastating documents and exhibits in Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell, which informed the public of the scope, scale, and sophistication of the international sex trafficking operation Epstein conducted, is no coincidence.”

She added: “We are hopeful that the government will continue to investigate and will focus on those who participated and facilitated Epstein’s horrifying sex trafficking scheme that damaged so many.”

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Quick facts about Virginia Louise Giuffre

Full NameVirginia Louise Giuffre
BirthdateAugust 9, 1983
Age (as of 2021)38 years old
Place of BirthSacramento, California
Net worth$2 million
HusbandRobert Giuffre
Zodiac SignScorpio
ParentsSky and Lynn Roberts

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