Australian MAFS Expert Trisha Stratford Birthday, Married, Wikipedia

Australian MAFS Expert Trisha Stratford Birthday, Married, Wikipedia

According to Trisha, who resided in Sydney until moving in with Auckland-based businessman Roger following last year’s lock-down, MAFS began as an observational documentary. “We had real people,” she cries, “and we were genuinely putting all those psychological and scientific theories of attraction to the test.” In an interview with Australian Woman’s Day, Dr. Trisha Stratford disclosed her new romance with Roger, a Kiwi father of three. The following information about Trisha includes her birthday, wiki, education, relationship, children, and nationality.

Trisha Stratford birthday, wiki, nationality and Education

There is no information regarding her parents, education, or other aspects of her life. We can deduce from this that Trisha Stratford is an extremely private person who keeps her personal life hidden from public view. There’s a reason why Married At First Sight Australia expert Dr Trisha Stratford (left) looks familiar.

Trisha Stratford wiki
Trisha Stratford is with her cute smile sources:Instagram

The clinical neuron psychotherapist, who was born in Wellington and now lives in Sydney, is a former television journalist whose tales have aired on local and international news programs. “I was fascinate by why individuals act the way they do when they’re under pressure in specific circumstances when I returned from being a war correspondent, so I went and studied neurology,” says Dr. Stratford. “I thought I’d completed all of my television job, but it appears to have tracked me down.”

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How did Trisha Stratford start her professional career? 

Trisha believes that ratings have taken over. “It’s Australia’s most popular show, with millions of viewers, so leaving was a major decision. But did viewers tune in to learn about relationships or to see characters act out in the last two seasons? We all enjoy seeing individuals make idiots of themselves because it makes us think to ourselves, “Well, I’m better than that!””

She goes on to say that MAFS has turned into a survival game. “I wanted to do everything I could to assist the contestants. They were outlandish, but they were still human people, and falling in love is never reasonable in the first place. They’re under a lot of pressure from their spouse, the rest of the cast, and the audience. It’s a challenge. Adaptive processes kick in.”

For Trisha, who has previously starred on the New Zealand edition of MAFS, it was evident that the stars’ motivations had shifted dramatically.

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Who is Trisha’s husband? What is his qualification? Does the couple have children?

On their first date in February 2018, Trisha and Roger believe there was an instant spark between them. Trisha is focusing on writing and maintaining her online private practice this year. After a two-year long-distance romance with Roger before returning to Aotearoa.

She says, “I appreciated the opportunity to examine all the hypotheses, which was intriguing and a tremendous opportunity.” “But lock-down was a good time to ponder, and it confirmed that leaving MAFS and returning home was the correct decision. Long-distance relationships, in my opinion, do not work. They do for a few years, but you must then make a decision.”

 Trisha Stratford husband
Trisha Stratford is with her husband sources:Now

Trisha hasn’t seen her Sydney-based daughter Gina or granddaughter Lily in almost a year due to border closures, which she describes as “very tough.” She exclaims, “All I want to do is hug them! They are miss by me.”

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Despite this, Trisha claims to be happier than she’s ever been. She smiles as she says, “It’s going extremely well with Roger.” “We have a property in the south of France, and he is a great man. I used to have a cottage there where I did a lot of remote work for MAFS, but when I met Roger, we decided to acquire a bigger place.”

How much is Trisha Stratford net worth? Is she a millionaire?

Trisha Stratford net worth is believe to be at $2.85 million. Her earnings during her professional career totaled this amount. The beautiful lady is working hard to improve her riches and live a lavish lifestyle.

Trisha Stratford net worth
Trisha Stratford is with her car sources:Instagram

Trisha Stratford is frequently ask how much money she generates from Instagram. Normally, the cost of an Instagram ad post is determine by the account’s amount of followers.

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