Thomas Raggi wiki, dating, Maneskin, education, height, age, girlfriend -

Thomas Raggi wiki, dating, Maneskin, education, height, age, girlfriend

Thomas Raggi is the guitarist for Maneskin, a Sanremo-based rock band known for their hit “Zitti e buona.” On stage with Damiano, Victoria, and Ethan, he goes crazy with his electric guitar. With the Maneskin, he finishes second to X-Factor, wins the Sanremo Festival 2021, and competes in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, representing Italy. So actually who is Raggi? What is his education? How he gets success in his life? Come down to know everything about him in Thomas Raggi wiki.

Thomas Raggi wiki: How and where is he born?

According to Thomas Raggi wiki, Raggi, the smallest member of the Maneskin, was born in Rome on January 18, 2001. He was always interested in music and began learning classical and then electric guitar at a young age. He was in a band since he was 12 years old, and it was during this period that he met Victoria De Angelis. They remained friends until high school, where they formed the band that would go on to win Sanremo 2021.

Thomas Raggi wiki
Thomas Raggi without the show capturing the best pic of the day Source: Instagram

His band, Maneskin, is featured on Wikipedia’s official page, where their musical journey is chronicled. Thomas began playing guitar as a teenager, first classically and then electrically, and has been in a band since the age of twelve.

The winner of Eurovision 2021 is Maneskin. I Wanna Be Your Slave, Beggin’, Somebody Told Me, Caroline, Fear For Nobody, and many other hit songs have made them popular.

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Is Thomas Raggi dating(in Itali: incontri) anyone? Who is the lucky guy with whom he dating? Who is his girlfriend(in Itali: fidanzata)?

According to Thomas Raggi wiki, he is still single and has never been in a relationship. It has overshadowed his love life information because he has not listed any signs of his romantic projects in public. His partner’s identity is still unknown. He may not date someone until he’s ready.

However, he spends the majority of his time with his bandmate Victoria De Angelis and regularly shares pictures with her on Instagram.

Is Artist Raggi’s gender is as gay?

Thomas Raggi is not a gay man. He is, however, a self-described “heterosexual.”

Raggi described himself as a heterosexual in an interview with Luca Mastrantonio, while his bandmates discussed their sexuality. Victoria referred to herself as bisexual, Ethan as “sexually open,” and Damiano as “heterosexual.”

Thomas Raggi girlfriend
Thomas Raggi is with friend Victoria De Angelis together at the beach Source: Instagram

Maneskins(Italian: [ˈmɔːneskin] history of the Thomas

He forms the Maneskin with Victoria, whose name was selected by Victoria De Angelis after the arrival of Damiano David and Ethan Torchio to compete in a contest.

Thomas is still a minor when the Maneskins arrive at X Factor in 2017, and he seems to be terrified. Over time, he gains more consciousness and allows himself to be corrupted by Victoria and Damiano, especially in terms of aesthetics.

With the Maneskin, he finishes second to X-Factor, wins the Sanremo Festival 2021, and competes in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, representing Italy.

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Success full history of Thomas Raggi the artist

His friends described him as super creative, but he was also the most intimate and defiant, earning him the nickname Er Cobra.

In 2015, the young man and his middle school and high school friend, Victoria De Angelis, formed the pop-rock and funck rock band Maneskin, which was later joined by Damiano and Ethan.

In 2017, the guitarist and the band achieve success when they compete in the eleventh season of The X Factor, placing second.

They are regarded as the moral winners of the talent contest, and they receive a number of prizes and awards. Chosen, their first EP was certified double platinum, as was Morir da re, their second single.

They embark on their European tour, Il Ballo Della vita Tour, in November 2018, which is fully sold out in each of the scheduled stages.

Chosen, Morir da re, Torna a casa, L’altra dimension, and Twenty years are among the most famous songs.

Education: What kind of instrument is used to play?

From a young age, the singer was enamored with the world of music. He began playing the guitar when he was ten years old, first classically and then electrically. The youngster is already a member of a band at the age of twelve.

The guitarist studied at the JF Kennedy Liceo Scientifico after finishing musical middle school. He announces that he intends to finish his studies while still performing music. In reality, the boy enrolled as a private owner in a science high school. He plans to attend the Telecommunications University after graduation.

What is guitarist Thomas Raggi’s net worth(in Itali: patrimonio netto)?

His net worth has not been revealed anywhere. So, how much money does he make? What is the primary explanation for this? In terms of his profession, he appears to be the younger member of his band. His net worth appears to be in the millions of dollars. In 2021, he has gross earnings of $1.5 million. For more information on his earnings, look over his resume and see how he managed to amass such a large sum.

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Height, weight

Thomas’s height has not been revealed as of 2021, but based on his structure, he appears to be 1.11 m tall. The artist’s weight is also not disclosed on the website, but we can estimate it based on his age and height. As a result of his height and age, he weighs about 165 pounds.

Quick facts about Thomas Raggi

Full Real Name
Thomas Raggi
Birthday18 January 2001
Age (as of 2021)20 years
Place of BirthRome, Italy
ProfessionGuitarist, Composer
Net worth$1.5 million
Zodiac SignCapricorn
School/CollegeJF Kennedy Liceo Scientifico, musical middle school, science high school
Height1.11 m
Weight155 lbs.

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