Ethan Torchio wiki, girlfriend, dating, Maneskin, net worth, height, gender -

Ethan Torchio wiki, girlfriend, dating, Maneskin, net worth, height, gender

Ethan Torchio, Maneskin’s most enigmatic drummer, was a member of the Roman band Shut up and Nice, which won Sanremo with the song Shut up and Good. Ethan is the newest addition: Ethan joined Maneskin after responding to a simple ad on Facebook; from there, the four began performing together and quickly developed a positive creative vibe. So who is the four-member of the band Maneskin? Who are his parents? If he is dating, who is his girlfriend? Come down to Ethan Torchio wiki, to know each and everything about him. 

Ethan Torchio wiki: Who are his parents(in Itali: genitori)? 

According to Ethan Torchio wiki, the drummer for Maneskin was born in Rome on October 8, 2000, under the sign of Libra. It has a unique and original appearance. His long, lustrous black hair, intense eyes, and lightly made-up face give him the appearance of an American Indian. This resemblance is exploited by the drummer, who emphasizes it with an exotic and retro look. His unique quality is his passion for drawing, especially mazes, which he enjoys doing in his spare time.

Ethan Torchio  wiki
Ethan Torchio playing a drum as his professional work Source: Instagram

Ethan Torchio comes from a big family, with six sisters and three brothers born to three separate mothers. His father is a director who has had three partners.

He became a member of Maneskin in 2015 after reacting to a Facebook advertisement for a drummer.

He has a following of over 130 thousand people on Instagram. Despite being the shyest and most reserved of the party, the boy began sharing his shooting images with his fans, in sensual and dark poses, and quickly gained popularity and notoriety among his fans who adore his exotic style.

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Who is his girlfriend(in Itali: fidanzata)?  Or is he dating anyone?

We don’t know much about his personal life because he values his privacy, but we do know that he doesn’t have a girlfriend Ethan Torchio, at least not yet! We’ll keep you updated as new drummers win the hearts.

Ethan Torchio  girlfriend
Ethan Torchio with his band member as a friend with Victoria De Angelis Source: Instagram

As of now he is not dating any one. If there would be any news about his then it should might get published but as of now there isn’t any rumored too.

Ethan Torchio relationship with other band members

Ethan Torchio says that he gets along with everyone, including Damiano, Victoria, and Thomas. “Damiano is obstinate, but still eager to achieve his objectives. Vic is one of the nicest people on the planet, and he tells the funniest jokes. She’s also a problem solver with a super-smart mind. Thomas, on the other hand, is very much alive and doesn’t seem to mind. “The perfect partner.” Ethan’s strange ‘American Indian’ beauty, with dark skin and very long hair, is highly regarded by fans: “Attention is pleasing.” But I’d like to keep my attention on the music. “At least for the time being,” he assures.

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When and how Drummer Ethan join the Maneskin?

On October 8, 2000, he was born in Rome. He is the drummer for Maneskin, an Italian pop-rock and funk rock band that has exploded onto the scene. Fans and bandmates dubbed him “American Indian” because of his appearance. The young man joined the band in 2015 after responding to a Facebook advertisement for a drummer posted by the Maneskin. In 2017, he was a part of the group’s popularity thanks to his appearance in the eleventh season of The X Factor, where he came in second place.

Appearance on social media

Ethan Torchio, the drummer of Maneskin, has 133 thousand followers on Instagram, and his profile is a compilation of everyday life, jobs, and friendships, but most importantly, pictures of him proud of his unmistakable black hair.

Is he gay?

To answer the question, “Is Ethan Torchio Gay?” he has not yet revealed the information to the general public. Furthermore, there is no information about Ethan Torchio’s sexuality available in the public domain. In public or in interviews, Ethan Torchio has never admitted or denied being gay.

Along these lines, we’ll likely find out if Ethan Torchio is gay when he confirms his sexuality. Ethan Torchio is a real-life 21-year-old. In the year 2000, he was born. We may also send consistent birthday greetings to drummer Ethan Torchio, who celebrates his birthday on October 8.

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What is a drummer and composer Ethan Torchio’s net worth (in Itali: patrimonio netto) as of now?

Ethan Torchio net worth is not revealed as of now anywhere but according to Ethan Torchio wiki, it is known his net worth might be in millions. Torchio’s occupation, on the other hand, is mentioned on his IMDb page. Ethan has appeared in two Maneskin music videos: Fear For Nobody and Torna a Casa.

In 2018, he made an appearance in the documentary ‘This Is Maneskin.’ The band members express themselves, reveal their identities, and talk about their jobs.

Who is the other member of the band Maneskin he was playing?

Ethan is a professional drummer who is a member of the Maneskin, an Italian four-piece band. Thomas Raggi, Victoria De Angelis, and Damiano David are among the band’s founders.

In 2017, the band competed on The X Factor and came in second place. Maneskin won the Sanremo Musical Festival in 2021. Maneskin entered the Eurovision Song Contest on May 22, 2021.

It was Italy’s third win, and the first since Toto Cutungo won in 1990.

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Career as a musician in the band

Ethan Torchio, a Roman drummer, rose to prominence in 2017 when he performed with Mneskin on the X Factor 11 stage, led by Alessandro Cattelan; under the direction of judge Manuel Agnelli, the band wins the sympathy of the other judges: Fedez, Levante, and Mara Maionchi.

Chosen, a strong piece of the group climbs the charts and opens the doors to success for the group, which makes an impact on the Italian music scene with songs like Morir da re and Torna a casa.

Ethan and the band quickly gained popularity and were very busy touring and hosting various television shows, to the point that the docufilm This Is Mneskin was screened in some Italian cinemas in 2018, prior to the release of their album Il Ballo Della vita. Their most recent single, Twenty Years, will be released in 2020.

The Maneskin will compete at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the winning song of the Sanremo Festival 2021, Zitti e Buona, thanks to their victory at the Sanremo Festival 2021. The evening of May 22nd, when a delegate from each European country competes in the race, is broadcast on Rai 1 and hosted by Gabriele Corsi and Cristiano Malgioglio, while the live broadcast on Rai Radio2 is hosted by Ema Stokholma and Saverio Raimondo. Against all odds, the Maneskin win the Eurovision Song Contest, thanks to the votes of their fans at home.

Height, weight

Ethan is a nearly 1.8-meter tall man as of 2021. If we characterize his weight right now, it is about 154 pounds. He has a good-looking and attractive appearance. His hair is silky and long. He kept his upkeep spotless and cute.

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Quick Facts about Ethan Torchio

Full Real Name
Ethan Torchio
Birthday8 October 2000
Age (as of 2021)21 years
Place of BirthRome, Italy
ProfessionDrummer, Composer
Net worth$1 million
Zodiac SignLibra
Height1.8 m
Weight148 lbs.


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