How Much is Shroud Net Worth? Wiki, Biography, Girlfriend

How Much is Shroud Net Worth? Wiki, Biography, Girlfriend

Michael Grzesiek popularly and extensively known as shroud is a well admired and renowned American video game streamer. He also is a talented (one of the best) esports player. He has been popularly known for his conquests in Counter strikes and also plays trending games such as Fortnite, and PUBG. He regularly streams this game plays on various platforms including Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer. Shroud is a member of the e-sports team ‘antique men club’.  He has also previously teamed up with ‘Cloud 9, complexity as well as Exertus eSports’. 

Shroud was born on the 2nd of June in the year 1994. Funny to think what all he has accomplished in just under 3 decades of his existence. He was brought up in California, USA. He regularly posts new updates on the games he streams about, including crate openings in PUBG, Free Roblox Accounts, or the gameplay in Counterstrike.

Shroud Net Worth and E-sports Earnings: How much did Shroud earn from YouTube.

 So how much did shroud really earn from ‘PLAYING GAMES’.

On account of the great exposure that twitch got, Shroud earned over/almost 2 million dollars in the span of just 13 months. Which averages 150,000 dollars every month. Apart from twitch he also earned from YouTube Adverts and revenue. YouTube earnings of shroud accounted to somewhat between 30000 to 50000 dollars each month.

And popularity brings in brand sponsorships, merchandise sales, and what not including Partnered content. Apex Legends also brought in the Bag for him.

 So, if we count it all shroud’s estimated net worth is estimated to be around 20 to 22 million dollars. Therefore, the main sources of income for Shroud include Sponsorships and Live streaming.

We cannot forget the winnings here, he estimated to earn over 1 million dollars every year by participating in different video games event across America and around the world. Across the years he has garnered over 9 million fans on twitch and more than 7 million subscribers on YouTube. Which adds up to more than 1 billion views as of this day.  This definitely proves his fame. He is one of the most admired, most followed, and one of the highest-paid streamers in today’s gaming scenario.

What is the relationship status of Shroud? Girlfriend and his Living Status

Shroud is currently in a relationship with a fellow streamer who goes by the name of ‘Bnans’. Her original name is ‘Hannah Kenney’. She went by the name Bnans as her gaming name initially and then kept it as her streaming identity as well. They are going strong together and it is also rumored that they are going to tie the Knot In 2023. Cheers to this happy couple.

‘Bnans’ or Hannah became famous on twitch. She came into the spotlight as an avid gamer. Just like every other gamer she also streams some of the most popular games out there. She and Shroud are often seen playing these games and streaming them together.

Shroud Wiki, Age, Birthdate, Father, Mother, And More

He was born on 2nd June 1994 in Ontario Canada Shroud is a popular e-sports player. There is not much-known information on Shroud’s Father and Mother. If anyone of the reader has any info they would like to share about them please feel free to do so in the comment section. But rather let us keep it private as shroud won’t want that.

It came to light that he liked to gamble a little on games when he was a child. Just like any other gamer he also started his journey as a YouTube Streamer. It was after he won ESL ESEA seasoned League Season 1 – North the USA, his career took off and he hit a new trajectory sending him straight to the orbit of success.  Everyone wanted a piece of the shroud and there was quite a bit of competition to sign him by various leading e-sports companies.

How did Shroud start his Professional Career?

After Microsoft announced that they would be discontinuing Mixer as a part of a collaboration with FB Gaming, Shroud got a deal from FB Gaming that was more enticing than that of Mixer.

He has now announced that he is going to solely live stream on Twitch from then on. It was noted that his debut stream garnered over 500 thousand (516000) watchers. He is followed by ninja in this record, Ninja yeah who does not know him huh…

Shroud eSports Tournament Results

●      ESL ESEA Pro League Season 1 – North America (1st)

●      ELEAGUE Season 1 (5th)

●      ESL One: Cologne 2017 (2nd)

●      ESL Pro League Season 4 – Finals (1st)

●      Americas Minor Championship – Kraków 2017 (1st)

●      Esports Championship Series Season 3 – Finals (3rd)

●      DreamHack Open Bucharest 2016 (2nd)

●      iBUYPOWER Cup (1st)

●      Esports Championship Series Season 1 – Finals (5th)

●      ESL ESEA Pro League Season 1 – Finals (2nd)

Shroud Awards and Nominations List

●      In 2017, Trending Gamer (Nominated)

●      In 2019, Streamer of the Years (Nominated)

●      In 2019, Content Creator of the Year (Won)

●      In 2020, Live Streamer (Nominated)

●      In 2021, Live Streamer (Nominated)

●      In 2022, Best FPS Streamer (Nominated)

●      In 2022, Gamer of the Year (Won)


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