Who is the Minister of Economy of Argentina, Sergio Massa's wife? Family, political background

Who is the Minister of Economy of Argentina, Sergio Massa’s wife? Family, political background

Sergio Tomás Massa is an Argentine politician who became Minister of Economy on 3 August 2022. From 2019 to 2022, he was the National Deputy for the centre-left coalition Frente de Todos, elected in Buenos Aires Province, and the President of the Chamber of Deputies. He entered the Union for the Homeland coalition and campaigned for president again eight years later in October 2023. This time, he received 36.59% of the vote to Javier Milei’s 30.04%, forcing a runoff election in November.

According to the most recent information on Sergio Massa, he is getting ready for the November 19, 2023, second round of the Argentine presidential election. He is running against far-right libertarian candidate Javier Milei. Apart from his professional life, he is a married man. Scroll down to know more details about Sergio Massa’s wife, kids, career, parents, family, and many more.

Who is Sergio Massa’s wife? When did the couple marry? children

Sergio Massa’s wife: Sergio Massa is a happily married man and father of kids. Sergio Massa’s wife is Malena Galmarini. She is a fellow politician and a member of a Peronist political family. Galmarini and Massa met in 1996 and married in 2001.

 Sergio Massa's with his wife Malena Galmarini
Sergio Massa’s with his wife Malena Galmarini sources The Australian

The couple is blessed with two children, Milagros and Tomás. On SEPTEMBER 11, he shared a photo on his Instagram, wishing her daughter her birthday along with the caption: Happy birthday Mili ❤✨ 21 years ago you illuminated my life. I love you daughter 🥰

Through Galmarini’s father, Fernando Galmarini, Massa is the son-in-law of TV presenter and vedette Moria Casán. Galmarini is also a successful businesswoman. She is the founder and CEO of Malena Galmarini Comunicación, a public relations and communication firm. She is also the president of the Tigre City Council.

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Galmarini is a passionate advocate for her spouse’s political ambitions. She has frequently accompanied him on the campaign trail, receiving accolades for both her political expertise and her ability to connect with voters.

Who is Malena Galmarini? Her occupation, parents, education, and siblings

Sergio Massa’s wife: Malena Galmarini is the wife of Sergio Massa, the current Minister of Economy of Argentina and a candidate for president in the 2023 Argentine presidential election. She is a politician and businesswoman in her own right.

Malena Galmarini is a politician, businesswoman, and public relations specialist. She is the current president of the Tigre City Council and the founder and CEO of Malena Galmarini Comunicación, a public relations and communication firm.

Malena Galmarini is the daughter of Fernando Galmarini and Moria Casán. Fernando Galmarini was a Peronist politician who served as mayor of Tigre from 1983 to 1987. Moria Casán is a popular TV presenter and vedette.

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Malena Galmarini studied public relations at the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE). She also studied at the San Andrés University and the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella. Malena Galmarini has one brother, Gastón Galmarini. Gastón Galmarini is a businessman and the owner of Tigre Art, a cultural center in Tigre.

What is the political agenda of Sergio Massa?

The three primary pillars of Sergio Massa’s political platform are institutional reform, social justice, and economic growth.

Massa has promised to address Argentina’s weak currency, rising rates of poverty, and excessive inflation in the country’s economy. To do this, he has put out a variety of ideas, such as reducing back on government spending, increasing exports, and making infrastructure investments.

Regarding social justice, Massa has committed to preserving social programs and defending the weakest parts of the populace. Additionally, he has put up other ideas to enhance housing, healthcare, and education.

Massa has advocated for a more accountable and transparent government in regards to institutional reform. To this end, he has put up several proposals, some of which include strengthening democratic institutions, reducing corruption, and reforming the court.

Although ambitious, Massa’s political vision is grounded in reality. In addition to having the backing of several important stakeholders, including as labor unions, social organizations, and business leaders, he has a proven track record of success in government. Should Massa be elected president, he will be able to carry out his plans and have a big influence on Argentina’s future.

How did Sergio Massa enter politics? What inspires him?

Sergio Massa started his career in politics at an early age. He started his career in local government in the early 1990s, and he came from a political family at birth. He advanced through the ranks fast, becoming one of Argentina’s most well-known young politicians by the late 1990s.

Massa’s dedication to social justice was evident in his early political career. He was a strong opponent of injustice and corruption and sought to better the lot of the poor and marginalized.

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Massa was also influenced by his own life experiences. Growing up in a working-class family, he witnessed directly the difficulties that many Argentines encountered. His efforts to build a society that is more just and equitable are driven by this experience.

In the northern municipality of Tigre, in the province of Buenos Aires, Massa was chosen as mayor in 2007. His innovative and successful ideas made him one of Argentina’s most well-liked mayors in no time.

Massa became well-known throughout the country as a result of his achievements as mayor. President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner named him Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers in 2008. He did, however, leave this post in 2009, claiming differences of opinion with the economic policies of the administration.

Following his departure from the government, Massa went back to municipal politics. In 2013, he was elected to the National Chamber of Deputies, and in 2019, he was elected President of the Chamber of Deputies.

Massa is an educated and ambitious politician. His motivation stems from a wish to build a better future for Argentina. In order to accomplish his objectives, he is also a pragmatic who is prepared to collaborate with many political groups.

Sergio Massa family: Who are Sergio Massa’s parents? siblings

Sergio Massa was born in San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Italian immigrant parents. His father, Antonio Massa, was a carpenter, and his mother, Rosaria, was a housewife. Massa has one sister, María Eugenia Massa. She is a lawyer and a businesswoman.

Massa’s parents were active in local politics. His father was a member of the Unión del Centro Democrático (UCD), a center-right political party. His mother was a member of the Partido Justicialista (PJ), the Peronist party. Massa was raised with a strong work ethic and a dedication to public service by his parents. They also instilled in him the value of advocating for social justice and the rights of the underprivileged and marginalized.

Massa’s parents have been a source of great support for him throughout his political career. They have attended his rallies and events, and they have been vocal supporters of his candidacy for president.

When and where was Sergio Massa born? Age, education, ethnicity, and nationality

Massa is a member of the center-left coalition Frente de Todos. Massa is of Italian descent. He holds Argentine Nationality. Sergio Massa was born on October 10, 1973, in San Martín, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  As of now,he is 49 years old.

Massa studied law at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, but he did not complete his degree. He also studied political science at the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella.