Why Senegalese politician Ousmane Sonko arrested? What was the verdict? Parents, education, wiki

Why Senegalese politician Ousmane Sonko arrested? What was the verdict? Parents, education, wiki

Ousmane Sonko is a Senegalese politician. He is a former chief tax inspector in Senegal, and an advocate for reformation in the Senegalese tax system. Sonko, who ran against Macky Sall, the incumbent president of Senegal, in the 2019 presidential election, was the youngest candidate to enter the election. He has written three books. Many people consider Sonko to be Macky Sall’s primary rival in Senegalese politics. Why Senegalese politician Ousmane Sonko arrested? Scroll down to know more details about the Ousmane Sonko Family, parents, education, and many more.

How many years has the Senegal prosecutor demanded jail for opposition leader Sonko?

The prosecution demanded a 10-year prison sentence for the opposition leader. Alleging Sonko had sexually assaulted a lady who was then 20 years old. The accuser said in court that she was sexually assaulted five times. While denying the claimed sexual assault. He did admit that he sought treatment at the “Sweet Beaute” salon in the capital city for his persistent back problem. According to media accounts, the physician who saw her the evening of the alleged encounter verified. He saw signs of sexual activity.

Senegal’s government reports that at least nine people have died in violent clashes between police and followers of opposition leader Ousmane Sonko. And that use of several social media platforms has been completely banned as a result of the violence. People are seen gathered at the entrance of a destroyed supermarket on Saturday, June 3, 2023, in Dakar, Senegal.

Why Senegalese politician Ousmane Sonko arrested? What was the verdict?

Ousmane Sonko, the leader of the opposition in Senegal, was arrested on Sunday as he led a convoy of supporters from his hometown in Casamance’s Zighinchor to the country’s capital, Dakar. Sonko was charged in 2021 with sexually abusing and threatening a massage therapist inside a beauty parlour. Adji Sarr, who worked in the massage parlor ”Sweat Beauty”. She has accused the leader of Pastef, Ousmane Sonko, of ”repetitive rapes and death threats” since February 2021. When she made the claims, which he refuted, she was 20. He said that the case against him was politically driven and that he went to the salon for a massage because he had chronic back pain.

The opposition politician was found not guilty of the rape charge but was found guilty of “corrupting youth” and received a two-year prison sentence for that offense. Ousmane will “probably spend the night in jail,” according to a report by Al Jazeera. “The judge will ask for a mandate for security forces to bring him to jail.” However, Sonko has claimed that he is under house arrest because of the intense surveillance around his home, according to Al Jazeera. 

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One of his attorneys, Djiby Diagne, stated that the public prosecutor would decide whether or not to place him under arrest. According to Reuters, one of the attorneys for the accused, El Hadji Diouf, stated that the result satisfied him. That “it is still abuse towards a young girl.” 

According to Senegalese law, acting immorally against people under the age of 21 constitutes corrupting youth, a crime. Ndeye Khady Ndiaye, the salon’s owner, who was charged with rape complicity, has been given a two-year prison term. 

Senegal protesters, police clash after Sonko verdict

On March 3, protests started. Disputes between the police and student protesters in Dakar and Bignona on March 4 were sparked by the arrest of Ousmane Sonko. During the demonstrations, 14 people died. The fifth death occurred on March 6 and was a teenager from Diaobe, Vélingara Department. Because criminal proceedings have already been used to prevent resistance, some people think that Sonko’s rape accusation is unfounded. Senegalese New Yorkers demonstrated on March 4, 2021, in front of the UN building in New York City to call for Sonko’s release from jail.

The republic’s mediator, Alioune Badara Cissé, said on March 7 that “we are on the verge of an apocalypse” and urged the government to stop using intimidation and threats against protesters. The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has urged prudence, calm, and assurances of the freedom to protest. The three additional protest days will begin on March 8 according to Sonko’s supporters.

Clashes between supporters of Ousmane Sonko and security forces in Dakar, June 1, 2023 sources Le monde

Some suspect that President Macky is attempting to silence critics in the run-up to the 2024 election. And that, like recent constitutional changes in Guinea and the Ivory Coast. He may amend the document to allow him to run for a third term. The conviction at first instance is upheld at the trial, which has been set for May 8, 2023. But the penalty is now a 6-month prison term with a suspension.

 Ousmane Sonko Family: age, parents, education, and nationality

Ousmane Sonko Family: Senegal opposition leader Ousmane Sonko was born on 15 July 1974 in Thiès, Senegal. As of now, he is 48 years old. He grew up in Casamance and Sébikotane, both close to Dakar. His mother is from Khombole, and his father is from Casamance. There is more information available in social media about the Ousmane Sonko Family.

Sonko graduated from Gaston Berger University in Saint-Louis, Senegal, with a bachelor’s degree in 1993. And a master’s degree in legal studies with a focus on public law in 1999, respectively. He enrolled in the National School of Administration and Judiciary (ENAM) after receiving his master’s degree. Sonko worked as a tax expert for 15 years. He holds Senegalese nationality.

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Senegal opposition leader Ousmane Sonko career

The political group PASTEF-Les Patriotes “Patriots of Senegal for Ethics, Work, and Fraternity”. He was established in 2014, and Sonko serves as its president. Sonko was a tax inspector who went rogue in 2016. By the Senegalese elite, he uncovered corrupt activities such offshore tax havens and a $50 million mineral sands processing complex. An estimated $8.9 million in taxes were evaded by the Canadian company SNC Lavalin-Mauritius Ltd by using a shell. He lost his job because of his involvement.

Pétrole et gaz au Sénégal, which was released in 2017, was written by Sonko. The Petro-Tim affair controversies are detailed in the book. A second book titled “Solutions” was written by him in 2018. In Senegal’s 2019 presidential election, Sonko stood as a tax justice candidate. Macky Sall was re-elected as president on February 24, 2019, with 58% of the vote. With 16%, Sonko placed third. Sonko was detained on March 3, 2021, close to Cheikh Anta Diop University and charged with disturbing the public peace. He was en route to court to defend himself against politically driven rape allegations. Which he and his supporters claim are unfounded. 

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Senegalese justice denied Ousmane Sonko permission to travel outside the country in May 2021. While he is still under arrest for rape following his indictment in March 2021. The alliance “Yewwi askan wi” (loosely translated as “Free the people”), founded in September 2021 by Ousmane Sonko. He wants to seize control of the municipal and departmental councils. Which have been mostly under the presidential coalition’s authority. Since the March 2014 elections.In the Senegalese municipal elections of 2022, he won the position of Mayor of Ziguinchor.


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