Selling Sunset star Heather Rae Young husband Tarek El Moussa net worth

Selling Sunset star Heather Rae Young husband Tarek El Moussa net worth

Tarek El Moussa is a television personality and real estate investor. His ex-wife Christina El Moussa and he co-host HGTV’s Flip or Flop. As an alternative to their prior business of selling real estate, which took a hit during the 2008 economic crisis, the couple found success flipping houses. In July 2019, El Moussa began dating Heather Rae Young, the star of Selling Sunset. They married on October 23rd, 2021 in Montecito’s Miramar Beach. Scroll down to know more about Tarek El Moussa net worth, earnings, career, wife, married, wedding, and many more:

Tarek El Moussa net worth, earnings, income, and all the way he makes his fortune

Tarek El Moussa net worth
Tarek El Moussa enjoying his holidays at his home Source: Instagram

He is a successful businessman who has been in business for more than 20 years. As a result of her brilliance and hard work, he has gained enormous reputation and fortune as a businessman. He is also television personality He has been in numerous blockbuster films and network television shows. Tarek El Moussa net worth is $15 million. Tarek El Moussa earned his real estate license at the age of 21. He and his ex-wife started flipping houses in Orange County, and in 2011, they filmed an audition tape for HGTV. The duo was given a weekly show on HGTV the following year.

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 His net worth is in good shape, and despite his status as a well-known actor and his advanced age, his fortune will continue to rise steadily. His fans regard him as a decent guy and a well-profiled character, despite the fact that he has not been involved in several controversies involving affairs and other scandals. In reality, his passion, devotion, and hard work are what propelled him to the position he presently holds.

When did he start his career?

El Moussa was born in the California city of Long Beach. At the age of 21, he obtained his real estate license in 2002. He had a successful real estate career until the 2008 economic downturn, when the company he co-owned with his then-wife Christina El Moussa began to falter. The couple then tried their hand at a new real estate strategy: property flipping. Finding success in this new venture, El Moussa submitted an audition tape to HGTV that covered the couple’s house-flipping procedure. The network picked up the show, which had a successful 7-season run as of Fall 2017, with Season 8 planned to debut on HGTV in December 2017. El Moussa is also the owner of a building company.

In 2017, the TV host co-wrote a book called Flip Your Life: Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities — No Matter What Comes Your Way with his cohost and ex-wife. Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa, his own spin-off TV show,  premiered in March 2020.

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Who is Tarek El Moussa wife Heather Rae Young? When did the couple marry?Their wedding??

Tarek El Moussa with wife Heather Rae Young Source: Instagram

In July 2019, El Moussa began dating Selling Sunset actress Heather Rae Young. In July 2020, the couple confirmed their engagement. On October 23, 2021, the couple married. The wedding took place in Santa Barbara, California. The wedding featured a champagne wall, white flower walls, and extravagant chandeliers dangling from the ceilings. Posting photographs from the incredible event, which included a champagne wall, floral walls, and lavish chandeliers.

 – Heather wrote: “I’ve been dreaming of this night my whole life. He is everything to me. The babies are everything to me, Taylor and Brayden.”I have a family, we brought our families together. I love you so much.”

Her Instagram revealed an inside look at the wedding celebrations, covering footage from the rehearsal dinner to the big day.

In a post sharing a first look at the husband and bride, Heather captioned the image:

“MR. & MRS. EL MOUSSA!!! I married the love of my life today. My sweet man, my everything. Cheers to forever and then some.”

Who is Tarek El Moussa ex-wife Christina Anstead?

Tarek El Moussa and Christina Anstead first met while working as real estate agents. They were married in 2009. Despite their divorce, the former pair continues to co-host “Flip or Flop.” Taylor Reese El Moussa, the couple’s first child, was born on September 22, 2010. Brayden El Moussa, their second child, was born on August 19, 2015. The pair met at a real estate office and eventually went into business together. Due to the 2008 economic crisis, the couple was forced to give up their $6,000-per-month property in order to move into a $700-per-month apartment. They later found popularity with their show, Flip or Flop, which has been on the air since 2013. In 2018, the couple divorced.

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How much is Tarek El Moussa’s wife Heather Rae Young net worth?

She was born in Anaheim, California, on September 16, 1987. The actress is a cast member on Netflix’s Selling Sunset and an agent with The Oppenheim Group, a high-end real-estate brokerage firm based in Los Angeles. Heather was a model and actress before becoming a real estate agent. She was named Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in February 2010. She’s also appeared in eight films, the most recent of which was 2014’s Love in the Time of Monsters. Heather Rae Young net worth is $3 million.

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