Unveiling Sávio Moreira de Oliveira, Brazil's Rising Football Star

Unveiling Sávio Moreira de Oliveira, Brazil’s Rising Football Star

Brazil has been a breeding ground for football talents for many years as Left Winger. The country has given the world legendary players like Pelé, Zico, Ronaldo, and many more. Today, we introduce you to another promising talent from Brazil, Sávio Moreira de Oliveira, who is making waves in the world of football. 

On loan from Ligue 2 side Troyes, Brazilian professional footballer Sávio plays forward for Girona of La Liga. According to ESPN’s source, Manchester City is keen on acquiring Sávio, a winger from Brazil who is 19 years old. In 25 games played for Girona this season, Sávio has scored seven goals. City Football Group (CFG) members Girona and Troyes are managed by Manchester City.

Who is Sávio Moreira de Oliveira?

Brazil's Rising Football Star Sávio Moreira de Oliveira
Brazil’s Rising Football Star Sávio Moreira de Oliveira sources Instagram

Born in 2004, Sávio Moreira de Oliveira, known simply as Sávio, is a young Brazilian footballer who has shown great potential in his early career. He hails from a nation known to produce some of the finest footballers in history, and he carries the hopes of millions who see him as the next big thing in Brazilian football.

Sávio’s Early Career and Achievements

Sávio began his professional football career at a very young age. Despite his youth, he has managed to impress many with his skills, dedication, and passion for the game. He is known for his agility, speed, and remarkable ability to control the ball, traits that are essential for any successful footballer.

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While Sávio is still at the beginning of his career, his performances have already garnered attention from football enthusiasts around the world. His talent and potential have not gone unnoticed, and he continues to develop his skills under the guidance of seasoned professionals.

Future Prospects

As Sávio continues to grow and develop as a footballer, there are high expectations for his future. His talent, combined with his hard work and determination, make him a promising prospect for both his club and the Brazilian national team. It will be exciting to watch his journey and see how he matures and improves over time.

Contract, Net worth and Earnings

After playing for Atletico Mineiro of Brazil, Sávio transferred to Troyes in 2022 for €6.5 million ($6.9 million). Prior to his move to Girona, he was on loan at PSV Eindhoven. Word on the street is that Sávio’s transfer to Manchester has been moving forward, according to an ESPN source.

Sávio Moreira de Oliveira with his awards
Sávio Moreira de Oliveira with his awards Instagram

City is seeking an agreement that would allow the teenager to join the Premier League champions for preseason before a decision is made over his long-term future.

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In conclusion, Sávio Moreira de Oliveira is a rising star in the world of football. His talent and potential have already made him a player to watch out for. As he continues to hone his skills and gain more experience, there’s no telling how far he will go in his career. One thing is clear, though: the future of Brazilian football looks bright with players like Sávio.


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