Who is Sally Azarthe, a Palestinian woman became ordained pastor at a Lutheran church?

Who is Sally Azarthe, a Palestinian woman became ordained pastor at a Lutheran church?

Sally Azar made history when she became the first Palestinian woman to be ordained as a pastor at the Church of Jerusalem. Azar, a Palestinian from Jerusalem, became the city’s first woman pastor on Sunday at an event attended by hundreds of international well-wishers at the Lutheran church in the heart of the Old City. Sally Azar hails from a strong and loving family. Come down to know more about Sally Azarthe family, parents, education, age, and many more:

Sally Azarthe family tree

Sally Azarthe family
Holy Land’s first Palestinian woman, Sally Azarthe Source: mecc.org

She is the Holy Land’s first Palestinian woman to be ordained as a priest. Sally comes from a loving and supportive family. She was born in Berlin and raised there. She was born sometime in 1997 and is now a lovely 26-year-old lady. LutheranWorld interviewed Sally in 2019 and she said:

I was born in Jerusalem; I’m 22 years old and have recently finished studying for my bachelor’s in theology at the Near East School of Theology. I will continue further studies doing my master’s studies in Germany. In the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land we have seven churches — one in Amman, Jordan; at Bethany beyond the River Jordan; four in the West Bank and one in Jerusalem.

Her father Sani Azar is a bishop in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land. The mother has worked as an English teacher, and her older sister will do her dissertation in public health.

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Her parents have played an essential part in her life and journey and have been a source of inspiration and encouragement for her throughout her path to becoming a pastor.

From where has she completed her education? 

Sally Azar, a Council member of the Lutheran World Federation, is set to be ordained on Sunday, 22 January as the first female Palestinian pastor in the Holy Land. Azar grew up in a conventional Palestinian Christian home and attended a Bethlehem Catholic school. She has studied theology in Lebanon and Germany, and practices for the priesthood in Berlin.

She was also elected to serve as a Lutheran World Federation Council Member for the Asia region. Ahead of her ordination, she spoke to us about her passion for the church and how she hopes to support the women and youth of the ELCJHL in her new role.  

How did she fit into the big struggle for the church as a woman?

In the church of Christ, the office of pastor is only open to men who meet biblical qualifications. But many individuals do not agree with this straightforward teaching. “Did God say women can’t be pastors,” they respond.

Some women can speak more eloquently and comfort the penitent than priests. However, the subject of ordination is different than who would be a better priest but who is qualified.

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The application of the quota of 40% women and 20% youth representation represents a step toward gender justice, which the church agreed to when it adopted the LWF Gender Justice Policy more than two years ago. We are taking all the required steps about youth to encourage them to attend church and events like camps. For the church, engaging the youth is a significant challenge. Although they are not attending church, this is a global issue. It helps that my buddies are more involved in the church. With the kids, we will gradually begin to make progress.

Wouldn’t that solve the vocations crisis if women were to be ordained?

The number of ordinations might increase if the Church permitted the ordination of women. However, these would not benefit the Church, as the ordinations would be invalid. Therefore, the so-called “vocations issue” is not resolved by invalid ordinations.


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