Rafael Caro Quintero Net Worth, Girlfriend, Wife, Children, Arrest

Rafael Caro Quintero Net Worth, Girlfriend, Wife, Children, Arrest

Rafael Caro Quintero is a Mexican drug lord who co-founded the now-disintegrated Guadalajara Cartel with Miguel Angle Félix Gallardo and other drug traffickers in the late 1970s. He is the brother of fellow drug trafficker Miguel Caro Quintero, founder and former leader of the defunct Sonora Cartel. Caro and his partners exported large quantities of marijuana from Mexico to the United States. On July 15, 2022, Caro Quintero was arrested in the settlement of San Simón, within the Choix Municipality of Sinaloa . Scroll down for more detail about; Rafael Caro Quintero net worth, girlfriend, wife, children and arrest.

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what is Rafael Caro Quintero Net Worth as of 2022?

 Rafael’s net  worth is $1.4 million. Rafael Caro Quintero is a well-known Mexican lord who was the co-founder of the now-defunct Guadalajara Cartel. Rafael is one of the richest Drug Lords & listed on most popular Drug Lords. He earned his fortune through the selling of drugs and other criminal activities. His drug assets, which included 36 houses and more than 300 enterprises in Guadalajara alone, were not seized by the Mexican authorities after his arrest and ended up in the possession of his ex-wife and kids. 

Rafael Caro Quintero with his chain

 The Treasure Department in June of last year that Caro utilized family members while he was imprisoned to invest his riches in purportedly legal businesses and construction ventures in Guadalajara. A witness testified in a 1997 trial in California involving two defendants connected to the Camarena case that he and several other men once spent  four to five weeks counting $400 million in U.S.  The U.S. government is offering millions of dollars in rewards money for his capture.

Who is Rafael Caro Quintero Girlfriend?

Sofia Conesa is  Rafael Caro Quintero Girlfriend. Her father Cesar Conesa was the Secretary of Education in the early 1980s, and a member of the PRI  political party. She studied at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara before she began living with Caro Quintero.

 They were so much in love that they staged a fake kidnapping; prompting Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo  to resolve matters as her father threatened to expose the Guadalajara Cartel. After Rafa’s bodyguard is killed in the firefight, Rafa and Sofia are captured by soldiers. Calderoni warns Sofia that Quintero is headed for a long prison term, and so is she, unless she agrees to testify against him. Sofia

ultimately does so to save her future.

Who is  Rafael Caro Quintero’s wife? Does he has Children??

Rafael Caro’s first wife was Mara Elizabeth Elenes Lerma. The couple have four children Roxana Elizabeth, Hector Rafael, Henoch Emilio, and Mario Yibran. After some years the pair separated, but there is no news why the couple separated.

 Later, Rafael married Diana Espinoza Aguilar.  Diana and Caro met through the host of a grupera music program after he saw her on television in some images related to the beauty contest in the Puente Grande Prison, Jalison in October 2010. After Diana and Rafael were released  from the prison they both started the family. The couple have children,  Roxana Elizabeth Caro Elenes. 

Who is Diana Espinoza Aguilar? why she is Arrested??

She was born on July 17, 1970 in the state of Chihuahua. In 2008. She was accused of drugs trafficking and arrested with her then-partner, while Quintero, was serving a 40-year sentence, accused of the murder in 1985 for the former DEA agent, Enrique Camarena Salazar. The United States Department of the Treasury on May 11,2016 accused her of an important part in the movement of money from her partner’s organization but she claimed innocence. The US government ordered the freezing of her assets in the country and any citizen was prohibited from carrying out commercial or financial transactions with her.

Rafael Caro Quintero’s arrest: Why?

Enrique Camarena, a Drug Enforcement Administration agent working covertly in Mexico in 1985, was allegedly killed by Rafael, who was then in custody.

According to the N.Y. Times, the drug kingpin was found lurking in the bushes and was eventually apprehended by a joint effort of Mexican marines and the prosecutor’s office. Additionally, 14 marines were murdered when a Black Hawk aircraft that was carrying them crashed outside the adjacent city of Los Mochis a few hours after he was caught. May their souls rest in peace in paradise.

After being released in 2013 on a legal technicality and going on the run ever since, Quintero was added to the F.B.I.’s ten most wanted list in 2018 for planning the murder of Camarena. However, the drug dealer was eventually apprehended as Mr. Garland declared that anyone who abducts, tortures, and kills American law officers had nowhere to hide.


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